Is it possible to merge tags on

Lorenzo Cabrini

There are three different tags that are used to indicate OpenERP 7: v7, openerp-7 and 7. I know that tags are supposed to be freeform and quick, and the site might not contain that many question at the moment. But, it is growing by the day. And tags can be a useful way of filtering. It becomes a bit less so when there a multiple tags that represent the same concept.

I'm just as bad as anybody when it comes to tagging. Some question gets tagged as pricelist another as pricelists and, because tags or so quick, I don't really bother to find out what is already being used.

My question is rather, does the platform provide a way to, after the fact, merge several tags into a single one (be it openerp-7, v7, 7 or something else)? Or would it be worthwhile to decide that one is the best and in a friendly way "nudge" users to prefer that tag?