[Incomplete] How to install openerp on windows using launchpad openerp sources


this topic is not complete yet, then let me the time to finalize it and test correctly, thanks for your comprehensive mind.

System : windows 7 64 bits user : Administrator (this which is hidden by default, so I'm superuser) it is possible for you to be obliged to install by using administrator right, for that, right click on installer software and choose "install as Administrator.

Install version of python for your openerp version:

python 2.5 or 2.6 for version 5.0 and 6.0 (install python 2.6 if you want to use aeroo report or axelor plugin)

python 2.6 and 2.7 for 6.1 and 7.0

choose your python release at :

python 2.5 :

python 2.6 :

python 2.7 :

Install python in c:\pythonxx (xx = 25 or 26 or 27)

you should have in windows environment variable Path, the path to the python executable and scripts.

now right click on the desktop or in start, on computer icon, properties, advanced system parameters, environment variables.

Then in "system variables" choose variable Path, and add at the end :

;C:\pythonxx;C:\pythonxx\Scripts (add the first ";" if not present in the last command before C:\pythonxx)

restart your computer to valid new environment variable

install python libraries for openerp, bazaar and setuptools (TODO) :

the list of python libraries dependencies for openerp can be find in server\ and openerp-web/ (for versions < 6.1 for openerp web) in section package and install_requires (verify also required) version)

example for 6.0 :

server 6.0 : here

web 6.0 : here

download openerp verion branch with bazaar (TODO) :

available official branch :

community branch (extra addons) :

you must create services for serveur and serveur web openerp to not have to start manually with command line (TO TEST with windows 7):

For that you must download and install windows ressource tool kit 2003 (at install you can have error message or warning, but continue that's work) :

Use command line "sc" in a windows DOS command console, for sc command options see :

to open a windows Dos command console :

click on start, all programs, accessories, command prompt and tape you command, valid with enter.

example : sc create config "Openerp Server x.x" start= auto type= own error= normal binpath= " C:\pythonxx\python.exe -c absolut_path\server\openerp-server.conf absolut_path_openerp_source\server\bin\ " displayname= " Openerp Server x.x"

create for server with sc command: C:\pythonxx\python.exe -c absolut_path\server\openerp-server.conf absolut_path_openerp_source\server\bin\

and web with sc command for openerp version < 6.1): C:\pythonxx\python.exe -c absolut_path\web\config\openerp-web.cfg absolut_path_openerp_source\web\

You must install postgresql :

version 8.4 or 8.3 for openerp version < 6.1.

version 9.1 or 9.2 for openerp version > 6.0.

download :

create file absolut_path\server\openerp-server.log

create config file openerp absolut_path\server\openerp-sever.conf with line options (in this case v5).

to see the list of available options for each version openerp see in file : server\bin or openerp\tools\


without_demo = False

netport = 8070

server_actions_allow_code = False

secure = False

demo = {}

syslog = False

list_db = True

cache_timeout = 100000

port = 8069

reportgz = False

secure_pkey_file = server.pkey

netinterface =

log_level = info

admin_passwd = admin

smtp_port = 25

smtp_server = localhost

db_user = openpg

price_accuracy = 2

login_message = False

import_partial =

soap = False

pidfile = None

db_maxconn = 64

stop_after_init = True

smtp_password = False

xmlrpc = True

db_port = 5432

debug_mode = False

netrpc = True

secure_cert_file = server.cert

interface =

logfile = absolut_path\server\openerp-server.log

csv_internal_sep = ,

pg_path = absolut_path\postgresql_x_x\bin

translate_modules = ['all']

smtp_ssl = False

root_path = absolut_path\server

smtp_user = False

db_password = openpgpwd

db_name = False

db_host = localhost

assert_exit_level = warn

email_from = False

addons_path = abssolut_path\server\addons ,absolut_path\addons

restart windows

test url http://localhost:8080 for openerp < 6.1

test url http://localhost:8069 for openerp > 6.0


Mathieu Laflamme

Can you clarify the Windows Service part of the installation for OpenERP 7.0 at least? I can't get it to work... I did: python.exe [server path]\server\win32\ install and also [server path]\server\win32\ install... The first command created 2 batch files start.bat et stop.bat. The second command created the Windows Service... but when I start it, it stop immediately!

Mathieu Laflamme

Maybe you should adapt the example you gave to different version of OpenERP... You should also write in you example something like: sc [create|config] "openerp-server-x.x"...... After a couple more tentatives I give up! I keep it running from the command line until I can get some more clues...