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how will i going to display the value of a certain field in journal items?

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I want to display the value of the field in the journal items using this code:

    def action_move_create(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None):
        """Creates invoice related analytics and financial move lines"""
        ait_obj = self.pool.get('account.invoice.tax')
        cur_obj = self.pool.get('res.currency')
        period_obj = self.pool.get('account.period')
        payment_term_obj = self.pool.get('account.payment.term')
        journal_obj = self.pool.get('account.journal')
        move_obj = self.pool.get('account.move')
        if context is None:
            context = {}
        for inv in self.browse(cr, uid, ids, context=context):
            if not inv.journal_id.sequence_id:
                raise osv.except_osv(_('Error!'), _('Please define sequence on the journal related to this invoice.'))
            if not inv.invoice_line:
                raise osv.except_osv(_('No Invoice Lines !'), _('Please create some invoice lines.'))
            if inv.move_id:

            ctx = context.copy()
            ctx.update({'lang': inv.partner_id.lang})
            if not inv.date_invoice:
                self.write(cr, uid, [inv.id], {'date_invoice': fields.date.context_today(self,cr,uid,context=context)}, context=ctx)
            company_currency = inv.company_id.currency_id.id
            # create the analytical lines
            # one move line per invoice line
            iml = self._get_analytic_lines(cr, uid, inv.id, context=ctx)
            # check if taxes are all computed
            compute_taxes = ait_obj.compute(cr, uid, inv.id, context=ctx)
            self.check_tax_lines(cr, uid, inv, compute_taxes, ait_obj)

            # I disabled the check_total feature
            group_check_total_id = self.pool.get('ir.model.data').get_object_reference(cr, uid, 'account', 'group_supplier_inv_check_total')[1]
            group_check_total = self.pool.get('res.groups').browse(cr, uid, group_check_total_id, context=context)
            if group_check_total and uid in [x.id for x in group_check_total.users]:
                if (inv.type in ('in_invoice', 'in_refund') and abs(inv.check_total - inv.amount_total) >= (inv.currency_id.rounding/2.0)):
                    raise osv.except_osv(_('Bad total !'), _('Please verify the price of the invoice !\nThe encoded total does not match the computed total.'))

            if inv.payment_term:
                total_fixed = total_percent = 0
                for line in inv.payment_term.line_ids:
                    if line.value == 'fixed':
                        total_fixed += line.value_amount
                    if line.value == 'procent':
                        total_percent += line.value_amount
                total_fixed = (total_fixed * 100) / (inv.amount_total or 1.0)
                if (total_fixed + total_percent) > 100:
                    raise osv.except_osv(_('Error!'), _("Cannot create the invoice.\nThe related payment term is probably misconfigured as it gives a computed amount greater than the total invoiced amount. In order to avoid rounding issues, the latest line of your payment term must be of type 'balance'."))

            # one move line per tax line
            iml += ait_obj.move_line_get(cr, uid, inv.id)

            entry_type = ''
            if inv.type in ('in_invoice', 'in_refund'):
                ref = inv.reference
                entry_type = 'journal_pur_voucher'
                if inv.type == 'in_refund':
                    entry_type = 'cont_voucher'
                ref = self._convert_ref(cr, uid, inv.number)
                entry_type = 'journal_sale_vou'
                if inv.type == 'out_refund':
                    entry_type = 'cont_voucher'

            diff_currency_p = inv.currency_id.id <> company_currency
            # create one move line for the total and possibly adjust the other lines amount
            total = 0
            total_currency = 0
            total, total_currency, iml = self.compute_invoice_totals(cr, uid, inv, company_currency, ref, iml, context=ctx)
            acc_id = inv.account_id.id

            name = inv['name'] or '/'
            netsvc.Logger().notifyChannel("3333333333333..",netsvc.LOG_INFO, '' +'' + str(name))
            totlines = False
            if inv.payment_term:
                totlines = payment_term_obj.compute(cr,
                        uid, inv.payment_term.id, total, inv.date_invoice or False, context=ctx)
            if totlines:
                res_amount_currency = total_currency
                i = 0
                ctx.update({'date': inv.date_invoice})
                for t in totlines:
                    if inv.currency_id.id != company_currency:
                        amount_currency = cur_obj.compute(cr, uid, company_currency, inv.currency_id.id, t[1], context=ctx)
                        amount_currency = False

                    # last line add the diff
                    res_amount_currency -= amount_currency or 0
                    i += 1
                    if i == len(totlines):
                        amount_currency += res_amount_currency

                        'type': 'dest',
                        'name': name,
                        'price': t[1],
                        'account_id': acc_id,
                        'date_maturity': t[0],
                        'amount_currency': diff_currency_p \
                                and amount_currency or False,
                        'currency_id': diff_currency_p \
                                and inv.currency_id.id or False,
                        'ref': ref,
#                         'desc': name
                    'type': 'dest',
                    'name': name,
                    'price': total,
                    'account_id': acc_id,
                    'date_maturity': inv.date_due or False,
                    'amount_currency': diff_currency_p \
                            and total_currency or False,
                    'currency_id': diff_currency_p \
                            and inv.currency_id.id or False,
                    'ref': ref,
#                     'desc': name

            date = inv.date_invoice or time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')

            part = self.pool.get("res.partner")._find_accounting_partner(inv.partner_id)

            line = map(lambda x:(0,0,self.line_get_convert(cr, uid, x, part.id, date, context=ctx)),iml)

            line = self.group_lines(cr, uid, iml, line, inv)

            journal_id = inv.journal_id.id
            journal = journal_obj.browse(cr, uid, journal_id, context=ctx)
            if journal.centralisation:
                raise osv.except_osv(_('User Error!'),
                        _('You cannot create an invoice on a centralized journal. Uncheck the centralized counterpart box in the related journal from the configuration menu.'))

            line = self.finalize_invoice_move_lines(cr, uid, inv, line)
            netsvc.Logger().notifyChannel("11111111111111111..",netsvc.LOG_INFO, '' +'' + str(line))
            move = {
                'ref': inv.reference and inv.reference or inv.name,
                'line_id': line,
                'journal_id': journal_id,
                'date': date,
                'desc': inv['name']
            netsvc.Logger().notifyChannel("2222222222222..",netsvc.LOG_INFO, '' +'' + str(move))
#             netsvc.Logger().notifyChannel("3333333333333..",netsvc.LOG_INFO, '' +'' + str(desc))
            period_id = inv.period_id and inv.period_id.id or False
            if not period_id:
                period_ids = period_obj.find(cr, uid, inv.date_invoice, context=ctx)
                period_id = period_ids and period_ids[0] or False
            if period_id:
                move['period_id'] = period_id
                for i in line:
                    i[2]['period_id'] = period_id

            move_id = move_obj.create(cr, uid, move, context=ctx)
            netsvc.Logger().notifyChannel("44444444444..",netsvc.LOG_INFO, '' +'' + str(move_id))
            new_move_name = move_obj.browse(cr, uid, move_id, context=ctx).name
            netsvc.Logger().notifyChannel("55555555555..",netsvc.LOG_INFO, '' +'' + str(new_move_name))
            # make the invoice point to that move
            self.write(cr, uid, [inv.id], {'move_id': move_id,'period_id':period_id, 'move_name':new_move_name}, context=ctx)
            # Pass invoice in context in method post: used if you want to get the same
            # account move reference when creating the same invoice after a cancelled one:
            move_obj.post(cr, uid, [move_id], context=ctx)
        self._log_event(cr, uid, ids)
        return True

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