How to set up a new install with a previous database ?


I have some errors with one of my current OpenERP Datebases, the most important one.

I set up Open ERP with this tutorial :

But I find out that I cannot update OpenERP easily neither the plug-in with wget nor bzr. I cannot use bzr for patching addons too.

Even if it may not be the cause of my errors, I'm not comfortable with a non updated OpenERP.

So : How could I update my current installation with my set up ? Or how could I modify my current installation ? Or how could I set up a new and clean installation with the previous data base ? The safest way.

(My main database is a 700Mo file, I'm not able to archive it by the database manager, and I didn't manage to restore it with the databe manager on my local windows OpenERP installation)

Thanks for your help.


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Bart Criel
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I use PGAdmin for managing databases, ao OpenERP databases. You can dump a database and restore the dump file on another system. There are plenty of blogs out there which can guide you through dumping and restoring PostGreSQL. Once you restored the database on a fresh system, it should be accessible if you set all permissions etc right. I personally work in virtual machines: I always keep a fresh one (only OS, OpenERP, Eclipse and PGAdmin) that I copy as many times as I need.