How to reconcile entries for partner that is BOTH a client AND a supplier?

I have a partner that is BOTH a client AND a partner.
Lets say we have the following entries:

Customer account debit(counterpart move from client invoice)
1000,00 EUR
Supplier account credit (counterpart move from supplier invoice)
600,00 EUR

Every month we do a balance check so we have
Balance: 400 EUR receivable

Since we have both receivable and payable amount, in order not to exchange any money, we are obligated (by law) to issue a reconciliation note stating the reconciling entries as such:

Customer account credit
600,00 EUR
Supplier account debit
600,00 EUR

The entries above zero out the supplier account and leave 400,00 EUR payable in total for next month.

The problem with this approach is that the entries above (from the reconciliation note) are reconciled with each other but are not reconciliated with the invoices, so all invoices (both sale and purchase) remain open.

Any one any clues how to handle that so invoices are paid?

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Hello Dimitrios,

This might be a solution for your situation.

First, you should create a manual journal entry and in that entry you should debit Supplier account and credit Customer account (this can be used as reconcilation note as well).

After you post this manual journal entry, go to Customer/Supplier -> Open all entries and Reconcile Supplier line (credit figure=600) and reconcile to debit line (figure=600). After this reconciliation, your Supplier invoice will become 'Paid'.

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Hi Dovydas.

Actually I've found a way to work it out, a couple of months ago.

Account.voucher is used both for supplier and customer payments with a different domain filter, different fields visible per case (credit/debit) and a method that fetches account moves of type payable/receivable respectively.

The solution was as simple as creating a new module that:

  • Adds a new voucher type (=reconciliation)

  • Overrides a few methods to show moves with both payable and receivable type and

  • Create a new view based on account.voucher in which both credit and debit fields are visible.