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Andreas Brueckl
On 11/8/13, 5:08 AM

You can do it with the following setup:

  1. Create a new E-Mail Template image description

  2. Create a new Server Action which uses the template to send a mail image description

  3. Create an Automated Action which calls the Server Action 2 hours before a phonecall image description

    image description

Thats it!

IT Libertas
On 7/3/16, 8:59 AM

You may configure any sort of alarms (emails and notifications) for any Odoo objects. Have a look at the section "Special Feature" at this page: https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/9.0/joint_calendar/

Ivan Elizaryev
On 5/8/15, 2:04 PM

I have made module  reminder_phonecall 

It adds Reminders field to phonecall form, which works the same as in Calendar/Events. You can select "15 min notif", "1 day notif", "1 hour mail" etc. So, you can easily get instant or mail reminder (or both).

Also, it creates Calendar Event. So, you can use Calendar as a agenda.

The module is based on reminder_base, which can be applied to any model with Date field. E.g for Next Action in opportunity: reminder_crm_next_action

Hi Ivan. Your module sounds good. How can I buy it?

on 7/2/15, 8:39 AM

Dale, you can by modules at odoo app store. Contact odoo support team, if you have problems with that.

Ivan Elizaryev
on 7/3/15, 1:02 AM
Nathan Reid
On 5/2/16, 1:24 AM

For anyone else struggling with this for Odoo 9, Andreas's answer works but you need to replace references to 'email.template' with 'mail.template' in the python code. 

Agustin Allera
On 2/18/14, 10:47 AM


I've tried these steps but I didn't receive the reminder

Why can be?


I have been for a while creating automated actions (for meetings and phone calls too) and still doesnt work. So, there are 2 possibilities: 1: Is missing something to me, 2: This simple and important feature doesn't work. Hope is first! To create an automated action i follow the next steps: 1 - Gateway (out): Check; 2 - User Email - Check; 3 - Create an action and an automated action (Action Type: E-mail)- Check. 4 - Again; 5 - And Again; 6 - This should be less complicated... :|

Daniel Santos
on 4/9/14, 2:48 PM

If you used the python server action o send an email, you should paramter outgoing email server on the email template your using, it's on the advanced tab.

Yassine TEIMI
on 3/17/15, 1:42 PM
Dr Obx
On 3/17/15, 7:31 AM

I solved this problem in slightly different way.

there is a button Schedule a Meeting

Just replaced a Schedule Other Call with a Button (Schedule a meeting renamed to Schedule a call) which allow you create an event so once you set a new event you will get a notification on the screen and by email :)


Is not perfect but ... ;)


I saw thath the system time in openerp are more or less acoording your GTM, so the email works only if you do not set trigger date, but that isn't very usefull, look the postgres BD in the crm_phonecall table and you can see the date stored in the phonecall.


look the time of my post! is 16:56, and the real time in my zone is 11:56

Andres Humberto Agredo Bermudez
on 6/3/14, 12:57 PM

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