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Olivier Dony (odo) Belgium

--Olivier Dony (odo)--

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Ramilies, Belgium
--Olivier Dony (odo)--


Olivier Dony (odo) Belgium
10/21/14, 12:48 PM

The forum is self-moderated by the users, so it is always possible to manually downvote user posts and close their questions. However this should be a last resort for manual spam, and we definitely need to spare these effort to the users as much as possible.

Here are the things we have done to limit the spam level at this point:

  • Mass-delete the spam posts and the corresponding users via an automated procedure. Probably did not catch 100% but a good share of the spam.
  • Fixed the karma system so karma levels are checked also when posting new questions, answers and comments (previously if was not checked so users with negative karma were still able to post). This will enable users and moderators to permanently block a spammer by lowering him to a negative karma.
  • Change the karma level temporarily:
    • a karma of 20 is now required to be able to post or answer a question (yes obviously this is a problem for new users, we will lower this later - see below)
    • removed the karma bonus given by posting questions/answers (you should only get bonus if someone else upvotes your posts)
  • Work-in-progress:  we are planning to add an optional email validation step on the forum - if you just signed up and have 0 karma you would get a notice on the forum index: you can validate your email and get some karma - just enough to be able to post your first question.

We hope to finish the deployment and fix the karma levels accordingly in the coming days.

AD LIBITOM, michel Guénard France
10/21/14, 5:12 PM

Thanks Olivier for your "institutionnal" action against spams. New users will surely understand the rules.

Alejandro Perez Cosio Bolivia
10/21/14, 6:42 PM

Hello Olivier, Thanks your your job, I'm not sure how you are migrating the past earned points, but from today, I'm not able to post any new question and I have 25 karma points. I tried to log out and log in, clear cache, new window, other browser, etc.. but I'm always getting the same error "20 karma are required to perform..." Are you working on that? What can I do to post a question or make my points valid?

Ben Bernard Indonesia
10/21/14, 9:52 PM

Hi, any dev on implementing captcha based on post rate or something?

Olivier Dony (odo) Belgium
10/22/14, 7:45 AM

@Alejandro, the issue with karma should be solved now. We hope to introduce the email validation soon. @BenBernard: anything that is based on identifying a particular pattern on a single user will unfortunately not work, these guys use botnets and each "user" is different, with a different IP from a different country, different email, etc.

Ben Bernard Indonesia
10/22/14, 8:15 AM

@OliverDony, why not start with tracking post activity with specific user. Detecting source of user is indeed, hard problem. And I think captcha is effective to slow down botnet activity or even make it give up.

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch Hong Kong
2/8/15, 7:51 PM


I think an Akismet clone for Odoo would be a great way to fight this. Automattic (Wordpress) offers a free tier for personal users, as well as business tiers depending on your requirements:


This could start as a simple RBL and/or DNSBL and evolve from there as Akismet has over the years.

I think it would be best if this could be offered as a service that operates through an Odoo addon (similar to Akismet) as this would allow you to constantly upgrade the code in the service depending on your spam fighting requirements, and allow you both a free (personal use) tier for mass adoption (thus making it more effective), and different business tiers.

This addon/service would not be immediately effective, however with mass adoption I think this could be an incredibly effective spam fighting tool for Odoo website/e-commerce users, as once one user connected to the service flags an email address as spam it could be flagged throughout the entire network connected to the service as a red flag. Something like this could be implemented on multiple levels as well (eg. Contact Form, comments, reviews, etc.).

I for one know that I would be happy to pay a (nominal) fee per month or year to subscribe to a service for the Odoo platform if I knew that it would cut down the time I waste every day sifting through garbage forum posts, comments, etc.


Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium

--Yenthe Van Ginneken--
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Turnhout, Belgium
--Yenthe Van Ginneken--

Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
10/16/14, 10:41 AM

Users with over 300 karma could edit the topic or with 1.000 karma they could be deleted. Sadly barely anybody has that karma here so nobody can do anything about it. Odoo misses a report button.

21south, Ludo - 21South Netherlands
10/17/14, 3:23 AM

For your information, I deleted almost 30 posts yesterday and the day before, but I am but one guy. An automatic spammerbot can post more than I can remove and furthermore I have no option to ban people. That is something an Odoo administrator will have to do.

Bole Croatia
10/20/14, 9:32 AM

also i close all his posts as soon as i see them..

Juan José Scarafía Argentina
10/20/14, 9:26 AM

I think that the best idea is to have some moderators, who will clean the forum from bad post and annoying users. This moderators should have a badge or something that show us that they are moderators, so we know who they are and write them in case of problems.

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21south, Ludo - 21South Netherlands
10/20/14, 9:36 AM

Like any other board works indeed :)


Bole Croatia


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Zagreb | Karlovac, Croatia

there is only 10 kind of people the ones that understand binary ... and others

Bole Croatia
10/21/14, 6:12 AM

Also... might be a good idea to implement a rule that prohibits a user that has some number of posts closed as spam from posting new messages... 
I'm constantly closing such posts, and as i can see i'm not the only one,
(with my current karma point i can only close post and tag it spam )
So, the comunitiy members are doing all in their power to keep this forum clean of spam,
and applying such additional rules will make our job (self assigned duty ) easier:)

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