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Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
On 4/15/13, 9:54 AM

You can enlarge the area by changing max-width value of .openerp .oe_topbar .oe_topbar_name class which is inside base.css file. For that you have to overwrite that class.

So create one css file inside your_module/static/src/css folder and add following code:

@charset "utf-8";
.openerp .oe_topbar .oe_topbar_name {
 max-width: 190px;
 overflow: hidden;
 display: inline-block;
 max-height: 100%;
 text-overflow: ellipsis;
 white-space: nowrap;

Go to __openerp__.py and add your css file under css like this:

'css': [

Now, restart your server and refresh the page.

Here, max-width: 150px; was given in base.css and now we are changing it's value as per our need. I changed it by 190px. You can change it to any value which is suitable to you.

You can see enlarge area and whole database name in image: image description

How to see the db name at the same position when not in debug mode?

on 5/6/13, 9:37 AM

If you really want to do so then there is a way to see db name. Go to "web/addons/web/static/src/js/chrome.js" line 1108 and remove if(instance.session.debug) from do_update method. After this you can see db name without debug mode also.

Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
on 5/6/13, 9:45 AM

Sorry I don't know how to override js method. So you have to make changes in source code.

Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
on 5/6/13, 10:26 AM

Thanks Sudhir Arya..I will try that..

on 5/6/13, 10:35 AM

Hello sudhir, i followed the steps max-width: 190px; but still DB Name not shown. DB name shows only in the Debug mode. Is there any way DB name to show all the time? Thanks

on 10/14/13, 5:44 AM

Yes Prakash, There is a way to show DB name without debug mode. Follow this: How to shwo DB name without debug mode.

Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
on 10/19/13, 2:38 PM

Thanks Sudhir Arya solved

on 10/22/13, 3:07 AM

Nice its working...... tx sudhir arya

on 6/30/14, 7:08 AM

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