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Nicolas Vanhoren (niv)
On 1/31/13, 6:39 AM

You need to add the kitten=1 parameter in the url.

Example: https://demo1.openerp.com/?kitten=1

your link isn't working Mr Kitten!

Quentin De Paoli (qdp)
on 1/31/13, 6:50 AM

I used the url of the demo instance, now it should be clickable.

Nicolas Vanhoren (niv)
on 2/14/13, 12:14 PM

can we change the background picture?

Bonnet Denis
on 2/14/13, 12:30 PM


Nicolas Vanhoren (niv)
on 2/14/13, 12:45 PM

what's the use of Kitten mode??

on 2/15/13, 1:26 AM

How to change background kitten image ?

on 2/15/13, 5:13 AM

@Bonnet, yes ad can change it from base.css.

.kitten-mode-activated { background-image: url(http://placekitten.com/g/1365/769); background-size: cover; background-attachment: fixed; } .kitten-mode-activated > * { opacity: 0.7; }

on 2/15/13, 6:06 AM

Lovely! Didn't know that. From what I can see, simply a way to have your own background for some fun.

on 2/15/13, 10:13 AM

cool. is it just a background?

Rick Leir
on 8/16/13, 7:39 PM

The image is actually loaded from a JavaScript file called chrome.js and is found here:

addons/web/static/src/js/chrome.js:1261: $("body").css("background-image", "url(" + instance.session.origin + "/web/static/src/img/back-enable.jpg" + ")")

William Crandell
on 4/9/14, 9:16 PM
Christian Twinckle
On 2/15/13, 9:38 AM

you can add in you kitten=1 in your link like localhost:8069/?kitten=1 and can activate kitten mode.

Is it useful in any way?

on 2/18/13, 7:52 AM

It is useful for showing cat in back ground. And make your background with cat as if you like to see the cats.

Kitten Mode features in OpenERP 7.0:

> Unified Kitten background with optimized transparency for a better kitten mode pleasure

> Hypnotic head-turning loading kitten

Chandni Machchhar
on 12/20/13, 7:40 AM

One can enable the mode with just "kitten" or "kitten=ANYTHING" Example: localhost:8069/?kitten localhost:8069/?kitten=love

William Crandell
on 4/9/14, 9:10 PM
Ivan Elizaryev
On 2/26/17, 1:11 PM

They killed kittens in odoo 9.0


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