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Alexis de Lattre
On 5/27/13, 6:48 PM

I am the author of the module "account_banking_sepa_credit_transfer", which is integrated in the "banking-addons" : For the moment, my module is available in 2 branches : - branch "banking-addons-sepa-60" for OpenERP 6.0 - branch "trunk-banking-addons-sepa" for OpenERP 6.1

The module supports SEPA Credit Transfert in 3 versions : PAIN 001.001.02, PAIN 001.001.03 and PAIN 001.001.04. It has been successfully tested with 2 different French banks (I should have the results of a third one very soon).

It seems that there is a branch of the banking addons that is compatible with OpenERP v7.0. Porting the module to this branch should be quite easy. I am also willing to add support the SEPA Direct Debit.

Don't hesitate to contact me about this. I will be at the exhibition "Solutions Linux" tomorrow and Wednesday on booth B27... if you come along, we can discuss this in real life !

Hi Alexis,

Do you mean this branch: https://launchpad.net/banking-addons/banking-addons-70 ? Only the module account_iban_preserve_domestic has been ported. First the module account_banking needs to be ported to version 7

Petit verbindt, Tom
on 5/28/13, 10:54 AM

Yes, I meant this branch. I tested it in the meantime and I confirm that the module account_banking is not ported to OpenERP 7.0 yet. So 2 solutions : 1) port the module account_banking to OpenERP 7.0 2) remove the dependancy on account_banking (in fact, my module "account_banking_sepa_credit_transfer" doesn't depend much on the module "account_banking").

Alexis de Lattre
on 5/28/13, 7:00 PM

Hi Alexis, is this account_banking still not fully ported to v7? I tried to install it and it seems to have problems for finding different parts of openerp so I needed to add some python paths so that it cold find them but there seems to come more and more paths it doesn't find so I was just thinking is this because it's not fully ported yet or for some other reason? I put it into addons folder.

Laura Jarvenpaa
on 8/16/13, 5:06 AM
On 2/20/15, 12:47 PM


I generate de files at least for supplier. Haven't tried for customers yet. Done it on 8.0, don't know if you can do on 7.0

These are the steps:

1 - Create and confirm a Purchase Order in Purchases;
2 - Go to Invoicing > Supplier Invoices > Validate Invoice.
3 - In the menu item "SEPA Direct Debit Mandate", create one debit mandate for the corresponding supplier;
4 - On Payment > Payment Orders, create a payment order and select there the invoice you want to pay. Save it.

After confirmation in this last step, click on "Make Payments". If no configuration error on IBAN code, account and etc was found, the system will give you the link for the SEPA xml file.

Hope it helps.

Mickael Charbonnier
On 8/1/14, 9:44 AM


Someone found a solution ? I'm also intersted !



On 5/27/13, 11:04 AM

I'm also intereseted in a SEPA module for eBanking: - SEPA Direct Debit - SEPA Credit Transfer

I am currently working on a module that implement SEPA DIrect Debit ; this module will be called "account_banking_sepa_direct_debit" and will be part of the banking addons on Launchpad. The only thing I'm missing to finalize the code is some more information about the mandates. If you are already doing some SEPA DIrect Debit, you could probably answer my questions about mandates ; in this case, could you get in touch with me (alexis dot delattre _at_ akretion dot com). Alexis

Alexis de Lattre
on 7/29/13, 5:33 AM

Hi Alexis, is your work going well? Sorry I cannot help with the mandates since I don't use SEPA yet... G.

Guillaume Pays
on 9/26/13, 12:37 PM

My work on SEPA Direct Debit should be finished in a couple of weeks. I have almost all the info I needed to finish the development of the mandate... I just miss time to finish the code ! :)

Alexis de Lattre
on 9/26/13, 7:28 PM

Hello Alexis, did you make any progress on SEPA Direct Debit? If not, any idea when you will finish it? Regards, Wim

Wim Audenaert
on 10/21/13, 12:55 PM

Hy wim, the SEPA module seems to be fully fonctionnal here : https://launchpad.net/banking-addons Personnaly I succeed in creating SEPA xml file but fail on associating payment to invoice thanks to direct debit. Hope it can help

Mind & Go, Mind And Go
on 5/13/14, 11:56 AM
Arnaud Ripert
On 6/14/13, 2:46 PM

HI, I am also interested in getting a module creating direct debits (SDD Core) and Credit Transfer XMLs files as well as processing files from the banks with direct debit returns and rejects. Anybody has seen these functionalities? Arnaud

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