How to display group column with no data in OpenERP 7's Kanban View ?


I want to ask something here about Kanban View in OpenERP 7,

I'm creating a Kanban view for my module. the view is grouped by 4 stage of columns, so when I drag a record to another column the stage of that record will be changed.

but here's the problem: I want to drag a record from stage A to stage B. but when there's no record in stage B the stage B's column will not be displayed until I've a record with stage B , so I can't change the stage by dragging the record because the stage B's column is not visible

so desperate to find the solution, please help me.. thanks guys,

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Denis Karataev

It affects me too

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Mathieu Benoit
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(Note: I add space on my link because the forum block my post if contain links) I found this : http://

In the view, you have this : <kanban default_group_by="stage_id">

You need to specify how sort the group in your class.

def _read_group_state(self, cr, uid, ids, domain, read_group_order=None, access_rights_uid=None, context=None): pass

_group_by_full = { 'stage_id': _read_group_stage_ids}

You can check example with crm_lead: View example: http:// (search

<record model="ir.ui.view" id="crm_case_kanban_view_leads">

) Sort example: http:// (search

_group_by_full = { 'stage_id': _read_group_stage_ids }


I notice, your stage_id is suppose to be an M2O (or whatever key you want to group by).

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Please Mathieu Benoit! can you show us how _read_group_state function should look like?

here is the his mine: 

def _read_group_state(self, cr, uid, ids, domain, read_group_order=None, access_rights_uid=None, context=None):
        print '_read_group_state'
        access_rights_uid = access_rights_uid or uid
        renting_obj = self.pool.get('mymodule.renting')
        renting_ids = renting_obj._search(cr, uid, domain, order=read_group_order, access_rights_uid=access_rights_uid, context=context)
        result = renting_obj.name_get(cr, access_rights_uid, renting_ids, context=context)
        result.sort(lambda x,y: cmp(renting_ids.index(x[0]), renting_ids.index(y[0])))
        states = {}
        for renting in renting_obj.browse(cr, access_rights_uid, renting_ids, context):
            states[] = renting.state or False
        return result, states

that return next error : AssertionError: M2O-like pair expected, got u'draft'