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Eric Whitehead
On 2/14/13, 4:04 PM

Things start to become clear. The reason I couldn't find the Tools menu is because I hadn't authorised myself to 'Extra Tools'. Once you do that, things start to become simpler.

In Settings:

  1. Install Recurring Documents
  2. Make sure the user has rights to 'Extra Tools' in the Application section of User>Access Rights. (The 'Tools' menu will now be available on the top menu bar)

In Accounting

  1. Create your template invoice for the customer - this needs an invoice number, you can't leave it in draft

In Tools:

  1. Go to Configuration>Recurring Events>Document Types and Create a new document type. Name - as required, Object is 'Invoice', mark as active
    You could select a field and a default value for it - 'additional information' and 'current date' is all I've figured out Save

  2. Go to Recurring Events>Subscriptions and Create a new subscription Give the subscription a useful name, you don't need to worry about partner, make it active.

    For interval quantity and interval unit: 1 and monthly for an invoice per month, 3 and monthly for one per quarter, etc

    For number of documents: 1 per invoice you want to raise, so 3 for a three payment agreement, -1 for rolling

    For Source Document: Your document type, plus the initial template invoice you created

    Cron Job: assign a cron job to manage this from Save and set to process

Wait until the Cron job has fired, go to Accounting>Customers>Customer Invoices. You should see a draft invoice..

Ideally, I'd like some sort of text describing the period I'm billing for in there - even if only a bald 'March' or 'March-May'. Haven't figured that out yet.

really bad solution

on 6/21/13, 9:43 AM

Zahin... would you mind explaining your comment and what you consider to be a good solution for recurring billing?

George Appiah
on 8/21/13, 7:27 AM

how about this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37hnxObMgmk

Ameen Rabea
on 3/21/16, 6:22 AM
On 12/30/13, 3:31 AM

A useful step by step description with picture can be found here: http://acespritechblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/openerp-subscription-module-introduction/

Andrew Mark
On 4/25/13, 1:59 PM

Things are still not clear for me. Here are the steps I've followed from Eric's post above...

In Settings:

  • Installed Recurring Documents

  • The user has rights to 'Extra Tools' in the Application section of User>Access Rights. (The 'Tools' menu is now available on the top menu bar)

In Accounting

  • Created your template invoice for the customer - this has an invoice number, it is validated but unpaid.

In Tools:

  • In Configuration>Recurring Events>Document Types: Created a new document type. Name - as required, Object is 'account.invoice', mark as active I did not select a field and a default value

  • In Recurring Events>Subscriptions: Created a new subscription Gave the subscription a useful name, did not specify a partner, made it active.

  • For interval quantity and interval unit: 1 and monthly for an invoice per month

  • For number of documents: 1 per invoice you want to raise

  • For First Date: 01/01/2013 00:01:58

  • For Source Document: Your previous document type, plus the initial template invoice I created

  • Cron Job: defined a new cron job to manage this, made it active, priority 5, Interval Number and Unit set to 1 and month, Next Execution Date set to 01/01/2013, Number of Calls set to 1 and repeat if missed.

Rather then wait for the Cron job to fired, I'm expecting to go to Accounting>Customers>Customer Invoices: and see a draft invoice for each of the previous 3-4 months that should have fired... Instead, all I see is my Template Invoice.

You better leave the recurring documents module alone, it is (too) complex to setup. Latest OpenERP v7 has recurring documents at the contract level, this is probably what you want.

Bob Muller
on 4/26/13, 4:47 AM

HI Bob, you are sure it has in 7.0? I only seeit in trunk (mentioned to become 8.0) but not in recent 7.0 i.e. on runbot? O do I missing some configuration options?

Travelping GmbH, Holger Winkelmann
on 7/1/13, 9:52 AM

Hi, I am in fact using this module fine in v7. Andrew: a couple of things you may want to check.Number of calls should be set to -1 for unilimited number of documents, if you have it in 1 I would thing probably will do only one of the missed docs.

Luis Leiva
on 7/27/13, 2:36 PM

And second: In the comment of missed documents it says that they are done after a server restart. So you may try restarting the server and see if they appear.

Luis Leiva
on 7/27/13, 2:39 PM

@Holger Winkelmann: You need to activate "Contracts Management" in Settings => Configuration => Sales => Contract Management

George Appiah
on 8/21/13, 7:54 AM
Bob Muller
On 4/5/13, 4:52 PM

Another possibility is to use the new Contracts module. You can use it to setup the active contract dates and get notified when the end of a contract is reached and renewal may be in order. You can also attach a sales order that can be used to generate the invoice.

However, all in all it is quite a hassle. It would be better if the contract module were extended as follows: a new field for the periodicity (monthly/quarterly/yearly), a flag indicating if the period is billed before or after, the number of days before or after each period, a list of products that needs to be billed (which is in essence a sales order). The scheduler should automatically create bills for new periods, taking both the product lists, any issues, timesheets and tasks into consideration.

It's almost useful.. but not quite. Either I'm missing the magic button in OpenERPto make recurring invoicing work, or it just doesn't exist. The Contracts module looks like the place for it, but as you say - it has no functionality to create useful stuff. Disappointing.

Eric Whitehead
on 4/7/13, 2:29 PM

I'm using the trunk version of OpenERP v7 and to my surprise some of the functionality mentioned before is indeed implemented in Contracts. It now supports a flag for recurring invoices, periodicity, some invoice lines. It is also automatically scheduled via the system planner, which make new invoices automatically appear. There are still some rough edges, but this is now by far the best solution I've seen in OpenERP.

Bob Muller
on 4/19/13, 2:09 PM

I agree with this.I am developing this functionality (testing phase)

Juanjo Algaz
on 6/21/13, 9:49 AM

we are running 7.0 Release. Is the contract based functionality available for 7.0? Can you point me to the recent code version you are developing for recurring events based on contracts.

Travelping GmbH, Holger Winkelmann
on 6/28/13, 4:31 PM

Sorry, still not yet available.

Juanjo Algaz
on 7/1/13, 7:50 AM

I tested trunk over the weekend. The recurring invoice based on Contract is already visible there. But seems to be very basic yet. I.e. We would like to reload the prepaid units with every invoice cycle based on the products in the invoice cycle.

Travelping GmbH, Holger Winkelmann
on 7/1/13, 8:25 AM

You can assign a sales order to create the recurring invoice

Juanjo Algaz
on 7/2/13, 6:15 AM

this sounds great. will check

Travelping GmbH, Holger Winkelmann
on 7/2/13, 6:26 AM
On 2/15/13, 4:56 AM

The account_invoice_template module allows to create invoice templates, specifying how lines must be computed, through python code.

that looks interesting, but is it not a 6.1 app? - how would I get that into a v7 install?

Eric Whitehead
on 2/15/13, 1:58 PM

Sooner or later it will certainly be ported to v7. Anyway it shouldn't require many changes.

on 2/15/13, 2:19 PM
On 2/14/13, 11:34 AM

You can duplicate an existing invoice and then change whatever you want... this is one solution I see. Doesn't this fit your needs ?

I don't think so, no.

We've currently got products and services that need billed yearly, quarterly and monthly. I would like to not have to manually fiddle with routine invoices every month - the amounts billed rarely change, the dates do.

Eric Whitehead
on 2/14/13, 11:50 AM

What about using "advance invoices" and generating all the invoices up front in draft state, then adjust them if necessary before validating (however, advance invoice exists in 6.1, can't see it for now in 7)

on 2/14/13, 4:41 PM

I'm interested in learning if there is a solution for this as well. The same invoice will happen monthly, but need the Month specifically (Month/Year would be best) to be properly reflected in every generated invoice.

Asif Choksi
on 2/14/13, 6:16 PM

Advance invoices? Same comments as duplicating, plus what if someone else accidentally validates them and sends a year's worth out? That would be bad, right? (unless the customer paid up!)

Eric Whitehead
on 2/14/13, 7:36 PM

Indeed... but the invoice dates can be written on the advance invoice nd the workflow could be customised to forbid validating before the data.

on 2/15/13, 4:35 AM

and if it's a recurring invoice with no end date? Doesn't work for me..

Eric Whitehead
on 2/15/13, 7:57 AM
Aline Preillon (apr)
On 2/14/13, 11:57 AM

does this question and answer help you ? https://accounts.openerp.com/forum/Help-1/question/1476

Sort of. I have the Recurring Documents module installed. It's using it I'm having problems with.. Every reference I can find says something like "go to Tools>Configuration>Document Types". Which I can't find..

Eric Whitehead
on 2/14/13, 12:56 PM

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