How to calculate cost price & Mfg. Lead time Based on Bill of Material automatically?

Ram S

I am creating a Bill of Material which contains another sub assembly (Another two bill of material) and come components.

While creating a product , we need to specify the cost price and sale price. Similarly we need to specify manufacturing lead time and customer Lead time.

All products are Made to order except components which are Made to Stock. Products are manufacturing, for components supply method is Buy.

I would like to automatically calculate Cost price based on Bill of material cost. Similarly calculate the manufacturing lead time based on all sub assembly Manufacturing lead time.

While creating the Product (Top level Bom) Can we automatically calculate Customer Lead Time?

Thank you

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Samuel Tadesse

hello there! I'm also curious about that. please let me know if you got something helpful

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Pinakin Nayi (pna)
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Actually this is very hard to know the exact lead time of product because there are custom rules lead time, and those all are only known after we launch the procurement.

For now workaround,  I suggest to add computed field on BOM which will compute the highest lead time from components (here are not consider the case having MTO, or lead time on route/rules). And based on that you can decide the lead time on your product.