How to automatically create serial number for products in openerp 7.0?


I have 100 products in 4 carton as 25 each.

Each 4 Cartons contains 5 boxes each with 5 products.

Each product,box,carton has a serial number(prefer barcode).

When i scan a box, it should identify the products in box. here 5 products.

When i scan a carton, it should identify the products in whole carton. here 25 products.

How can i implement it in Openerp 7.0?

Did we can automatically create serial number for a product with quantity 100 in openerp7.0?

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Hello Rosey,

If you want to make 5 quantity package then we can assign it one lot number for specific package.

And If you can create another package for 100 quantity then you can write the description this package contain 5 boxes and each boxes have 20 quantity and this package have specific lot number which you can scan.

So, By scanning the package you have get idea this package contain 5 box and each box have 20 quantity. But, You can not assign lot number to specific product.

Openerp v7.0 In product view there is one sale tab view in this tab you can see package options. So, you can create package of quantity.

And, When you deliver the product then there is in 'Deliver Product' view one serial number functionality are there and you can create a serial number for specific production lot.

Thanks, Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

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How can i add serial number to a lot? Please guide me. Thanks