How to add the `Synchronization` tab to the user's preferences?


I have been experimenting with the modules google_base_account and google_docs and see a dilemma between two potential security holes:

  1. users must reveal their Google UID & PWD to the administrator so he/she can add them to their account.


  2. users need administrator privileges to edit their own Google UID & PWD in the Synchronization tab from Settings | Users

Is there a bug report about this? Is there a work around?

If I click on my user name in the top right corner I get my preferences option sheet. On it, I can then change my password or set language, timezone and email preferences. It seems like the correct place to set Google Synchronization credentials.

Is it possible to move/clon the Synchronization tab from Settings | Users to the user's own preferences option sheet?

How would I do it?

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Luc Van Vooren

I'm experimenting this on the cloud odoo platform. I've add the module google_users and the module google drive integration but the interface doesn't display the tab Synchronization on the Settings -> Users -> User. What to do to displays it ? Are this features available on the Odoo cloud platform ?