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Mario Arias Badila
On 2/12/13, 11:50 PM

You can do it the "easy" way through OpenERP menus...

  • First create the fields using Configuration -> Customization -> Database Structure -> Fields
  • And then make them appear on screen using
    Configuration -> Customization -> User Interface -> Views

Or do it the "right" way, creating a custom module to add the fields to the desired model and views.

You can find many samples on the web, like this one... (can't publish links as I don't have enough karma... just google for openerp create module and you will find many samples)

Customisation made via interface can make long term maintenance of your instance more complicated. You should create your own addon. You will find dev doc here: http://doc.openerp.com/trunk/developers/server/03_module_dev/

Camptocamp SA
on 2/13/13, 9:44 AM

HI! I cant see the customization option,, I´m logged as Administrator, I only see under config: Modules, Config, companys, do I need to log as another user?, My installation is under Windows server AND using openERP 7

on 2/13/13, 11:39 AM

I found it, it took me time to found the option, and an hour to refresh the windows,

on 2/13/13, 3:27 PM

would be nice to psot where you found it. i am still searching here... :-(

Olivier Caeymaex
on 2/16/13, 4:06 PM
On 2/13/13, 3:20 AM

Create a module that adds fields to the object you want. See this very basic example: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6303140/add_field_to_partner.tar.gz

Extract the folder to your addons path and 'Update Module List' from 'Modules' menù. Then install the module and open partner form.

Thanks, Great example to start, but for future reference you have to install this module under Settings -> Modules -> Installed Modules -> (Remove "Installed" search tag) -> and then the module will appear.

Any idea why does it not shows under Apps?.


on 3/11/13, 8:50 PM

Because it does not have 'application': True in the __openerp__.py

on 3/12/13, 6:09 AM

great, thanks for the clarification!

on 3/15/13, 3:24 PM

Just Brilliant! - the start I needed! Many many thanks! - a very similar module with explanation can also be found here - http://www.pixelite.co.nz/article/adding-additional-fields-using-custom-module-openerp-7

on 9/10/13, 7:41 AM

Apps - must also be looking online - I've got excess of 900 in there, also shows No of downloads

on 9/17/13, 5:25 AM
Olivier Caeymaex
On 2/16/13, 4:06 PM

I am using the demo of v7 and there isn't any 'Configuration -> Customization -> Database Structure -> Fields' menu. Am I missing something?? Thanks in advance.

Make sure your user is a member of the 'Technical Features' group. This is a setting on the USER record (Settings -> Users -> Users) on the Access Rights tab. In 6.1 this option is available when your user is set to use the Extended Interface.

Ray Carnes
on 2/16/13, 4:32 PM
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
On 5/3/13, 3:49 AM

Hello Olivier Caeymaex,

For creating menus through OpenERP...

  • First give access rights of "Technical Feature" to the user. (From Setting>Users>User>Access Rights>Technical Features)
  • You can see the Menu "Setting>Technical" now.
  • Now you can create the field (from Setting>Technical>Database Structure>Fields)


On 5/2/13, 11:04 AM

Fantastic start video on Youtube

You Tube Link

Important bit starts at 4:20

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