How should I handle procurements suggested by Odoo?


I have an SKU with reorder point.  Back in June I manually created a Draft PO for its supplier without the product.  In July Odoo suggested I purchase 273 units and so added those units to the existing Draft PO.

Since then I have received at least 1 shipment of this product and sold enough to hit the reorder point again, Odoo added about another 300 or so units now to that same Draft PO in November, because it is still in Draft state.  So that unit has about 646 units suggested to repurchase. 

So I'm thinking the correct procedure should be:

1.  Eliminate all Draft POs and run Procurement Scheduler again to see all up to date needs.

2.  Then use those new OP/Source Document-generated Draft POs to place my orders this month.

And this should be a monthly process, right?