How one can measure hardware requirement for odoo server?

Hello Everyone,

Do we have available any document which provide the details for the server can be used for odoo?

For, Eg.

1. If System having 500 user, than which server would be feasible?

2. Till how many records, Does postgresql can work smoothly with odoo?

3. With which ubuntu version odoo work smoothly with all the features?

4. Which is most compatible browser for odoo, which gives 100% accurate result on user interface?


5. what are the limitations of odoo?

If there is any document available for hardware specification for odoo than please provide the detail or anyone has idea about this, than please can give your idea or suggestion on this.

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i am also looking for a solution

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Hi Anil,

Sadly there isn't really an official documentation that gives you exact numbers. It is a bit of a calculated guess.

1. If you have 8GB of RAM with 4 cores it should operate just fine. Be sure to have enough storage available too!
2. The postgreSQL keeps working pretty nice and the amount of records doesn't have too much effect. Do mind that the PostgreSQL needs enough RAM to be able to process all data. A lot of things can be tuned in the database to improve performance. Have a look at this documentation:
3. Most people use Ubuntu 14.04 and it works excellent, haven't had any problems with Ubuntu 14.04 yet. You could also use CentOS but there is less documentation available for this. Just don't use Windows when you're rolling it out for a customer or so many users, the results are not as good on Windows.
4. Both Google Chrome and Firefox do a great job. In theory all browsers are supported by Odoo but I wouldn't suggest Internet Explorer or Edge, these have more issues than Google Chrome and Firefox.



Thanks @Yenth, for such good explanation :)

No problem, I hope it really helps you. Thank you for accepting & upvoting it!