How is the further process with payment integrations in OpenERP 8 (ogone, adyen etc.)?

Robert Rübner

Hi all,

is the current state of payment integrations like ogone or adyen finsihed for OpenERP 8? I searched this Q&A website, launchpad and other sites for any info but didn't find an answer.

Background for my question: We started to implement a new payment acquirer. This payment acquirer has several payment methods like creditcard, direct debit, cod etc. If I use the current OpenERP payment acquirer implementation I have to setup a payment acquirer for each payment method. In my opinion it would be better to have only one payment acquirer with its payment methods - this solution requires changes in the core payment process.

We want to avoid the development of a new module that nobody can use later. If there are approaches for further payment implementations / updates I would be grateful for any information.

Regards Robert

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Ralph LAvaud

It's fairly easy to add a new acquirer, I am working on getting setup for credit card processing. The issue is that fairly easy is a loose term.... There are multiple function calls to the super class payment acquirer and this is where it becomes difficult, there is no documentation except for the already existing acquirer implementation. All the implementation redirect to a provider site like paypal, we don't have one where payment is processed on the server side.

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Biyo Sushi
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Dears, any information about Adyen payment integration with Odoo ? My installation shows that Adyen works correctly if the customer enter credit card information with no errors, but if there is an error, Adyen rejects the transaction, and Odoo does not manage at all the error code. It just says that the transaction went thru with an Adyen error message... This is not possible to use it as it is... If anybody has some experience in configuring Odoo so it send the right error messages and keep the shopping cart for the customer, it would be great....