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Abner Galeno Jr.
On 2/8/13, 1:15 PM

First and foremost, to enable import/export in OpenERP, you must check the option

[✓] Allow users to import data from csv files


Settings->configuration->general settings

You can do it in a lot of ways.

(1) You can export a sample chart of accounts list from OpenERP, edit them in a spreadsheet and finally Import back your completed Chart of Accounts.

To do this, go to:

Accounting Module -> Configuration -> Accounts

Check/tick a few accounts click [More] button and click Export.

(2) You can also start fresh by deleting all the accounts under

Accounting Module -> Configuration -> Accounts

and creating your the accounts one by one.

(3) I think, the most ideal way would be to create a template at

Accounting Module -> Configuration -> Templates -> Chart of Accounts Templates

You can also import and export the templates later on.

Hello. As commented below I'm looking for the method to create a COA from an installed COA template

Mark Lewis
on 2/27/13, 5:24 AM

@Abner Galeno it would be nicer to use back quotes "`" in stead of code block

Code block

[✓] Allow users to import data from csv files

Back quote

[✓] Allow users to import data from csv files

Camptocamp SA
on 2/28/13, 3:54 PM

Thanks for the tip :)

Abner Galeno Jr.
on 3/2/13, 10:37 AM

Well I have a different problem though. Is it possible to export a configured chart of account from one data base to another in openerp v7.0?

Henry Padi Nyaunu
on 4/22/13, 7:26 PM

Hello, I am trying to create a new chart of accounts + chart of taxes by following the instructions.

Radi's choice Ltd., Radina Kraeva
on 2/9/14, 3:49 PM
Fred Blauer
On 2/6/13, 11:30 AM

Under accounting, configuration, accounts, account - here you can add, modify, delete accounts

Pierre Soum
On 4/25/13, 2:04 PM

Hi, If you already have the template, all you have left s to activate it. Go to Settings / Accounting and select you account template.

do we need to do this?? is their any other way that if we choose the customize chart of account when installing it will automically puts the customize accounting templates??

Lady Sharmane Udtuhan
on 10/29/13, 6:17 AM
Alan Bell
On 2/5/13, 7:36 AM

There are a number of default charts of account available for different countries, these will install templates in Accounting/configuration/accounts/templates and when you set up your company you can inherit your chart of accounts from one of these. For the tax reports it is essential that every line of every invoice is coded up to something, if it is not tax relevant then you must code it as zero rated or exempt as appropriate, otherwise the tax reports won't pick up the total sales and purchases correctly.

Hello I looked in Accounting/configuration/accounts/templates and I don't have any templates relating to the French COA that I wish to install. I have things like Configurable Account Chart. Where could I find this template? Thanks

Mark Lewis
on 2/26/13, 11:47 AM
On 2/8/13, 10:01 AM

This blog may get you started.


Unfortunately, it hasn't been completed yet,

I appreciate every little bit of information that you provide on your blog. I also think it is cool that you write your thought-process, as well :)

Abner Galeno Jr.
on 2/8/13, 1:22 PM

Thanks for the vote of confidence! It distresses me that that is now obsolete. I did the automation scripts for 6.0 and then discovered they're useless for 6.1, let alone 7.0. It now needs a complete re-write :-(

on 2/8/13, 5:23 PM
Peter Kosmalla
On 7/24/13, 5:32 PM

We have the german accounting templates installed but it is only one time possible to install it. If you do not do it or are not using a very tricky module installation and configuration order then you will never again be able to do it. It seems to me that this could be a bug in OpenERP 7.


Samuel Tadesse
On 9/26/13, 4:43 AM

i have tried to import chart of account in v7. but i couldn't match the 'Balance' field. it says "no match found" when i try to search . any help would be appreciated

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