How can I enable persistent shopping cart?

Luke Branch

In Magento you can switch on 'persistent' shopping cart mode to allow users to keep their cart when they next visit (eg. 30 day persistence). This is preserved when users logout as well.

I've noticed on the feature list for Odoo here:

that shopping cart persistence is one of the features as follows:

Order Management

  • Advanced warehouse management features
  • Invoicing and accounting integration
  • Mass mailing and customer segmentations
  • Lead automation and marketing campaigns
  • Persistent shopping cart

However I cannot find any way to switch on this functionality in the administrator menus, and shopping cart persistence does not seem to be switched on by default.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Luke Branch

for anyone else interested in this i've opened an issue on github here regarding the issue: Currently on logout the unconfirmed shopping carts are converted into draft quotations, however these draft quotations are not able to be viewed by the Odoo user (only admin), and these draft quotations cannot then be moved back into the shopping cart of the user if required (to the best of my knowledge). Hopefully Odoo considers this issue, as I think it would be very useful to have more options on persistence on shopping carts rather than saved to only a single login session as is currently the case.

Kurt Haselwimmer

I would be interested to know if anyone has been able to use this existing functionality - eg to send a 'you abandoned this cart, we have created a draft quotation for you' email using a marketing campaign after a few days. If not then it seems creating the draft quotation is not useful and odoo should consider having persistant cart capability that is visible to the customer next time they login to the webstore.