How can I do a routing to an outside subcontractor?

Gilles Lehoux

What are the steps to create a routing to an outside subcontractor? This would include all the interventions from Purchasing, Receiving, and Shipping. For example. I have a box that I send out to be painted. I've enabled "Manual picking". What steps am I missing here:

  • Create product unpainted box.
  • Create product painted box.
  • Create supplier painter.
  • Create product painting supplied by painter. Service type.
  • Create location painter.
  • Create routing painting at location painter
  • Create BOM for painted box, routing painting, contents: unpainted box, painting.
  • Create MO for painted box. Save.
  • MO: Confirm production
  • A delivery order is created to the painter.
  • DO: Check availability. Warning: Not enough stock, unable to reserve the products.

But, there are plenty of unpainted boxes in stock. !!!??? Once the delivery order is ready, it seems to me that it should be driving the MO. The painting can't start until the boxes have been shipped to the painter. Yet, from the MO, I could proceed without any intervention from shipping or receiving to complete the MO. Also, at no point did Purchasing get notice to issue a PO for the painting operation.

I expect the process should be as follows: The MO triggers a Delivery Order for unpainted boxes to the painter. Once the boxes are delivered then this changes the status of the MO to Started and creates an Incoming Shipment order. When the painted boxes show up then the Incoming Shipment order is completed and then the MO is completed. In summary, once the MO is confirmed then Warehouse operations push the MO all the way to completion.

What am i missing here?