How can I change a report to landscape format?

Gilles Lehoux

I opened the invoice report using the OpenOffice OpenERP plugin. I changed the page format to landscape then sent it to the server. I took the opportunity to rename the report to Invoice Landscape, just so that I knew it had arrived. I refreshed the browser. Clicked the button to print the invoice. The browser shows "Still loading" for 15 minutes.

I have my doubts about this approach. There is a "Page Format" setting (Settings/Company/General Information/Page Format) which can be set either to A4 or Letter. Also the the RML of the header and footer is available for editing. If the Header is simply prepended to the report I've uploaded from OpenOffice then how will the header know to switch to Landscape?

If the OpenOffice upload changes to A4 page format but the OpenERP setting is Letter, who has precedence? I'm left to wonder about this because my uploads don't print.

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Piotr Cierkosz
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You can do it by changing the QWeb attribute called "Orientation":

<field name="orientation">Landscape</field>

Official documentation is here: