Hostgator Mail Server Working but can't send nor recieve emails in Odoo

Ayoub Ofsky

Hello everyone,
My problem resolves by this solution:
Getting Hostgator (preferably) or other external Domains Mail Server to work with Odoo community 13 on Gcloud.

Setting up Outgoing SMTP: 
(SSL None)

Server name: (on Hostgator)
Port 26 (25 won't work it connect only to 26)
Email: (domaine provided by hostgator)

Incoming IMAP:
Server name: (on Hostgator)
(SSL None)
Port 143

Message shows: everything working fine, same for confirming connection in incoming mail.

Problem: sent messages/quotation/bill to external emails declares no error as everything is working, but nothing sent nor fetched from my Hostgator Email Server.

I give a check on my log file and found this:

_odoo odoo.addons.mail.models.mail_mail: Mail with ID 121 and Message-Id '<(My ID of message i guess)@(here my company-name (unrelated to Email domaine name))>' successfully sent 

2020-10-17 14:28:56,826 1745 INFO bitnami_odoo odoo.addons.mail.models.mail_mail: Sent batch 1 emails via mail server ID #False 

Note1: Alias domaine empy in General config

Note2:  Email works fine (send/recieve) on other clients like Outlook and Server test ( SMPT POP IMAP are all working.

Note3: ''catchall'' as a email was just a desprate attempt to make this works based on a a solution (that didn't work) to name records.......  

Note4: Am open to alternatives (if there is any) that may give me a working email system with the of my company of course.

Update Note1: Just found out that if i send an Email from odoo using to an email receiver inside the same Hostgator Mail Server like (for exemple) then recieve the Email successfully, now the problem revolve around how to make Odoo use my server to send emails to external users from my Email Server (; .....)