EDS (Electronic Document Suite) in Odoo?

Hi guys,

Since a while I've been looking for document management and content management inside Odoo but it is so limited. I was wondering if anybody has build any module to improve the current document management system? At the time being Odoo is FAR to limited and I feel that the next step for Odoo to grow / become even better would be to focus on files and content.

What should a good EDS module in Odoo include and what are our options? I would like to start a topic about this and get this going in Odoo! Some examples:

  • In browser editing of files

  • Better structurisation of files

  • External connectors for file management (Dropbox, SharePoint, ...)

  • More details about files and its content

  • ...



We must observe how well Alfresco does this!

Do you have any experience with Alfresco? Would it be easy to connect to Odoo?

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Ermin Trevisan
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Thanks for the quick response Ermin. In all honesty, I do not like the connector a lot since its still quite complex and it costs 1.000€.. Sadly it doesn't modify anything about the current structure of Odoo attachments either. Imagine having 200 attachments on a record, it is nearly impossible to find them then. So I'd rather like an Odoo native app that gives more options and organises data in a good way!