Drop Shipping


Im looking for solution.

Normal situation : Purchase (PO)-> Warehouse (WH) -> Sale (SO) is OK

Different situation : Purchase (PO) -> Sale (SO) without Warrahouse, is supported with drop shipping.

My question, is possible to make partly delivery ? 

i make 3 different Purchase orders and suppliers keep material in their warehouses. Now i found opportunity to sell it to 2 different costumers.

PO 1 100 units in WHPO1
PO 2 200 units in WHPO2
PO 3 300 units in WHPO3

sum 600 units

SO 1 500 units WHSO1
SO 2 50   units WHSO2

sum 550 units

now, can i send WHPO2 to WHSO1 (200 unists) and WHPO3 to WHSO1 (300 units) = 500 and close PO 2, PO 3 and SO1

and WHPO1 only 50 units to WHSO2, close WHSO2 becosue was sended 50 units, and keep open PO1 with 50 units left.

If this is possible, how i can manage where can i have units left in POs in their WHs and otherewise where have to put in to new SOs?

Why im ask, sometimes is more expensive to send units directly to warehouse and send it to customer. But you can imagine when you have more then 10 cases per day, you need some kind of report where i can see exaclty which PO has units left to send.

Many thanks for any advice.