Download attachment in tree view - will download without file extension


Hello all,

You must have noticed somewhere that if we make a field one2many with "ir_attachment" and put property editable="bottom" in tree view, it will upload a file (binary) but will download it without the attached file extension

If I was not clear above, lets take an example, if we attach / upload a file named 'Demo.pdf' in tree view --> Save --> then if we click on Download Link button, it will download as "download (1)" instread of downloading as "Demo.pdf".

If we make same actions in "ir_attachment" Form view, it will work fine. I mean, it should behave the same way no matter if its tree view or form view.

My client want it to be simple (less clicks, upload and download from tree view).

Can you please help me make it work in tree view? 

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Mehdi Belatrous

Hi. I'm facing the same issue, did you solve your problem ?