Decimal precision "Product Price": 4 digits --> use OOE to show only 2 digits for unit price


I am using 4 digits decimal precision for the Product Price, because otherwise some prices don't add up properly under our purchase orders. However, it would be preferable if I could only show 2 digits behind the "," seperator for invoices and sale orders.

Is it possible to either:

  1. Use the Open Office Editor to change the way the Product Price field is displayed, and make it leave out the last two characters of the value in this field. Or filter out the last two digits behind the "," seperator.
  2. Split up the decimal precision in "Product Price Purchase" and "Product Price Sale". Under "Decimal Precision" there is no option to select values, and "Product Price" is just entered as plain text. I don't know if other values can be used here?

I found <para style="terp_default_Right_9">[[ formatLang(l.price_unit ) ]]</para> in the .rml file of print_invoice, under Account.

I also saw other fields such as: <para style="terp_default_Centre_9">[[ formatLang(, dp='Account') ]] </para>

I figure "dp='Account'" means it is dependant on the decimal precision under "Account". I formated price_unit as: <para style="terp_default_Centre_9">[[ formatLang(, dp='Account') ]] </para>

Next I updated my module list, and the Account module - but sadly it is not working, and still showing 4 digits behind the seperator. Under Decimal Precision --> Account I have 2 digits. I guess I need to make a change elsewhere as well.

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Vincent Van Dyck
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Leave accounting/global to 2 decimal and change product decimal to 4 according to this :

In the User Access rights, enable "Technical Features". Go to Settings > Technical > Database Structure > Decimal Accuracy > Product Price

A more detailed answer can be found here :

Don't forget to restart the server for the change to take effect.

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Alaa Alnajjar

I'm not sure about other versions of Odoo,but you don't have to restart if you have Odoo 9.0