Debug module that fails to install because of missing view

Marcio Valenzuela

Im installing this module Ecommerce catalog without price on Odoo v9 installed in CentOS7 remote server.

Both dependencies listed are installed on odoo already but I get an error:

Error details:Element '<xpath expr="//del[@class='text-danger mr8']">' cannot be located in parent view
Error context:View `Suggested Products Without Catalog Price`[view_id: 924, xml_id: n/a, model: n/a, parent_id: 894]None" while parsing None:23, near<data inherit_id="website_sale.cart_lines" name="Suggested Products Without Catalog Price"> <xpath expr="//del[@class='text-danger mr8']" position="replace"> <field name="text-danger" invisible="1" nolabel="1"/> </xpath> </data>

How should I debug this and find out what the problem is?  In other words, how do I find out why that mr8 view cannot be located?