date format issue in v61

Sean Carton

Hi all, getting an issue with a v6.1 installation - the date format has been altered to Date Format :%d/%m/%Y in languages, etc as documented -

However, a user is reporting an issue where, once this has been applied, when they try to 'quick add' an ambiguous date - the sample we were using was 10/02 (meaning Feb 10th), this saves as Oct 2nd.

If I were to enter one that would definitely be in the UK date format, such as '31/03', the date is saved correctly (Mar 31st) - its just where there are dates that are under 12 that the issue happens.

The user has to explicitly enter 10/02/2013 into the date field for it to take, so this isn't the problem - it's the validation check performed on the 'quick add' that is causing the issue.

I have also attempted creating a new language (GB), as a workaround, as documented elsewhere, but that didn't work either...

Any suggestions?

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Florent Boucherie

I have the same problem in v7...