CRM in offline mode?

Pierre Soum

Hi there, I need to make OpenERP work in offline mode. It's a little tricky as it's a client/server configuration, has anybody got some tips about how to implement that? Thanks!

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Daniel Reis
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OpenERP does not provide out-of-the-box support for that.

The closest thing is the point_of_sale module, which worked offline in v6.1. This offline mode is specifically implemented by the module using javascript and browser localstorage capabilities:

PosLS is a localstorage based implementation of the point of sale database.

From the comments in the source code, it looks like OpenERP found these capabilities to be rather limited in storage and performance, and has dropped the offline mode on v7.

You should also consider implementing your own custom client. The need of the offline capability in mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, makes this option even more interesting. There are several options available for this in the apps markets. BHC presented an Android App framework for OpenERP at the last Community Days event.

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Helo Daniel, how are you. I'm Ricardo from Opencloud, we talked a litle bit during OpenDays:) Nice Post! I am facing the same problem! I have a potential customer in Angola, and they need the offline option ASAP due to the limits on the internet infraestructure and mobility... I was thinking implementing it for other modules like a javabased infraestructure for CRM like in POS, what do you think? You say OpenERP droped the offline mode, for any specific reason? I think the main goal would be to have all the modules available in offline and online mode, and autosynchronization between the two..

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For a couple of ours clients we developed an Android Based Sales Force Automation Tool.

It’s a native android application with an embedded database that synchronize with OpenERP.

The Offline mode of mFormix guarantees its use even in the most remote places. . This helps sales get to the right information as fast as possible instead of waiting for downloads. In areas without wifi or 3G coverage mFormix will be fully functional , Orders will be stored locally until the next synchronization.

The synchronization is a two-ways process ensuring updates your local and remote databases:

  • Synchronization Mobile -> Server: orders created on the mobile device will be sent to the server.
  • Synchronization Server -> Mobile: any update on your data in server side (customers, Product) will be sent to mobile device to ensure data accuracy

Whether you are using OpenERP 6.1 or 7.0, mFormix runs automatically without any need for additional configuration. mFormix is available in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

An free evaluation is available on Google play: search for mformix (here on google play)

Feedback is Appreciated and welcome.

Not completely sure on what to do with this in the future:

  • Put it for free on google play as a marketing tool.
  • Keep the eval and sell services to deploy it in production. -Sell it for a fee on the google market.

Will be interested in you insight on this and to discuss