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Correct way to e-mail custom HTML record in function?

on 1/27/16, 7:37 AM 3,196 views

Hi guys,

I've been trying to create a function to send out HTML e-mails but I always run stuck.
I first created a new model 'odoo.environment.email' which will be the older for my e-mail templates like this:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- from openerp import models, fields, api, _ from openerp.exceptions import Warning class odoo_environment_emails(models.Model): _name = 'odoo.environment.email' name = fields.Char('E-mail name', required=True) email = fields.Char('E-mailadress primary person', required=True) email_cc = fields.Char('Emailadress CC persons') email_title = fields.Char('E-mail title', required=True) message = fields.Html('Message', required=True)

I then created a custom template in XML which contains HTML content:

<openerp> <data noupdate="1"> <record id="odoo_email_installation" model="odoo.environment.email"> <field name="name">Title</field> <field name="email">example@example.com</field> <field name="email_cc">example2@example.com</field> <field name="email_title">New record(${object.odoo_username}) created!</field> <field name="message"><![CDATA[ <p>My custom text: ${object.name}</p> </field> </record> </data> </openerp>

On another model 'odoo.environment' I've created a Many2many where you can add all the e-mail templates you like, which are created on the model 'odoo.environment.email':

odoo_emails_to_send = fields.Many2many('odoo.environment.email', string='E-mails to send after installation', default=_get_default_emails)

Now I have a Python function that is triggered when the user clicks on a function. This function will loop over all items added in the Many2many and every e-mail template added should throw out an own e-mail. What I have now:

def send_required_mails(self, cr, uid, ids, record, context=None): # Get e-mail server ir_mail_server = self.pool.get('ir.mail_server') # Get all selected e-mail templates email_template_ids = record.odoo_emails_to_send # Send out one template at a time for email_id in email_template_ids: email_template = self.pool.get('odoo.environment.email').browse(cr, uid, email_id.id) title = email_template.email_title message = email_template.message msg = ir_mail_server.build_email('from@email.com', [email_template.email], title, message, [email_template.email_cc or ''], [], 'reply_to@email.com') ir_mail_server.send_email(cr, uid, msg

This works pretty nice but I have 1 problem: the HTML is not rendered and all ${object.variable} are not filled / converted. I've read some posts and it seems to be that I need to send the e-mail out with generate_email, so I tried:

def send_required_mails(self, cr, uid, ids, record, context=None): # Send out one template at a time for email_id in email_template_ids: template_id = self.pool.get('ir.model.data').get_object(cr, uid, 'auto_odoo_installer', 'odoo_email_installation').id template_ids = self.pool.get('odoo.environment.email').browse(cr, uid, template_id) email_template_obj = self.pool.get('email.template') if template_ids: values = email_template_obj.generate_email(cr, uid, template_ids[0], ids, context=context) values['subject'] = subject values['email_to'] = email_to values['body_html'] = body_html values['body'] = body_html values['res_id'] = False mail_mail_obj = self.pool.get('mail.mail') msg_id = mail_mail_obj.create(cr, uid, values, context=context) if msg_id: mail_mail_obj.send(cr, uid, [msg_id], context=context) return True

However this keeps throwing up errors. For example:

File "/odoo/odoo-server/openerp/api.py", line 256, in wrapper return old_api(self, *args, **kwargs) File "/odoo/odoo-server/addons/email_template/email_template.py", line 219, in get_email_template_batch results = dict.fromkeys(res_ids, False) TypeError: unhashable type: 'list

So, how should I correctly send out these e-mails and get the HTML and ${object.variable} converted to plain text in the e-mail?


Got the same problem. Will follow this subject

Dr Obx
on 1/28/16, 10:19 AM
Axel Mendoza
On 2/4/16, 4:07 AM


Take this code of one of our modules as example, The code in bold is like do it all for me with just the object and the context vars:

def send_notifications(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None):

template_pool = self.pool.get('email.template')

template = self.pool.get('ir.model.data').get_object(cr, uid, 'solt_maintenance_preventive', 'solt_maintenance_remind_email')

assert template._name == 'email.template'

if context == None:

context = {}

res_groups_pool = self.pool.get('res.groups')

emails_send = []

group_id = self.pool.get('ir.model.data').get_object_reference(cr, SUPERUSER_ID,

'solt_maintenance', 'group_maintenance_planner')

if group_id:

for users_obj in res_groups_pool.browse(cr,uid,group_id[1],context=context).users:

if users_obj.email:


context['email_send'] = ",".join(emails_send)

for sched in ids:

msg_id = template_pool.send_mail(cr, uid, template.id, sched, True, context=context)

The template used is here:

<record id="solt_maintenance_remind_email" model="email.template">

<field name="name">Maintenance Remind Email</field>

<field name="model_id" ref="model_solt_maintenance_schedule" />

<field name="email_from"><![CDATA[${object.object_id.company_id.name} <${object.object_id.company_id.email}>]]></field>

<field name="email_to">${ctx.email_send}</field>

<field name="subject">[Recordatorio] Intervención de mantenimiento para:


<field name="body_html"><![CDATA[

<p>Se ha determinado que al objetivo ${object.object_id.name} se le debe proporcionar mantenimiento de acuerdo a su programacion.</p>



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