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Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
On 1/10/19, 1:07 AM

Better to create a new field for m2m and then move the data from m2o to m2m using script.


my_m2m_ids = fields.Many2many(......)

# Script code to move the m2o data to m2m
def move_m2o_to_m2m(self):
for rec in self.search([('my_m2o_field_id', '!=', False)]): # Search all the records that have value in m2o field
rec.write({'my_m2m_ids': [(6, 0, [rec.my_m2o_field_id.id])]}) # Move data from m2o to m2m

This way you can move all the data for an object from m2o to m2m field.


from openerp import models, fields, api,_

import openerp.addons.decimal_precision as dp

from math import *

class traceur(models.Model):

     _inherit = ['account.analytic.account']  

     traceur_ids = fields.One2many('contrat_traceur', 'contract_id', 'Traceurs')

     contrat_traceur_ids = fields.Many2many('contrat_traceur')


     # Script code to move the m2o data to m2m


def convert_o2m(self):

        for rec in self.search([('traceur_ids', '!=', False)]):

         rec.write({'contrat_traceur_ids': [(6, 0, [rec.traceur_ids.id])]})



    def compute_tva(self):


IndentationError: unexpected indent

def convert_o2m(self):

This should be exactly align with the @api.multi

In python everything is indented by 1 tab (4 spaces) instead of braces.

Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
on 1/11/19, 6:15 AM

please i need to print the date of a field one2many but still they display empty content

contrat_traceur_ids = fields.One2many('contrat_traceur', 'contract_id', 'Traceurs')

in template Qweb :

<t t-foreach="o.contrat_traceur_ids" t-as="t">

<td class="text-center"><span t-field="t.name"/></td>

<td class="text-center"><span t-field="t.num_appel"/></td>

<td class="text-center"><span t-field="t.activation_tt_date"/></td>

<td class="text-center"><span t-field="t.application"/></td>


thank you

on 1/11/19, 6:20 AM

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