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Can I have values of a function field in graph?

Kuldeep Jadeja
on 9/12/14, 9:03 AM 967 views

I have a function field 'balance' for a Report named BalanceSheet and all other accounts which lie under it,and also for other type of reports.


The field 'balance' is not store(because we are doing a dynamic calculation, balance and total fields are not stored anywhere in the database)


So, is it possible to get the value of above mentioned field in Graph?


Techno-Functional Associate with 6+ years of experience in Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP).

On 9/15/14, 4:51 AM

Yes it is possible... you can use it...

I am unable to get the value in the graph, can you explain how it is done?

Kuldeep Jadeja
on 9/15/14, 6:27 AM

My file merlin_account_report.py ============================== class merlin_account_financial_report(osv.osv): _name = "merlin.account.financial.report" _description = "Merlin Account Report" def _get_total(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None): for i in ids: #get the id of the current function of the employee of identifier "i" sql_req= """ SELECT f.id AS func_id FROM merlin.account.financial.report c LEFT JOIN res_partner_function f ON (f.id = c.function) WHERE (c.parent_id = %d) """ % (i,) cr.execute(sql_req) sql_res = cr.dictfetchone() if sql_res: #The employee has one associated contract res[i] = sql_res['func_id'] else: #res[i] must be set to False and not to None because of XML:RPC # "cannot marshal None unless allow_none is enabled" res[i] = False return res def _get_level(self, cr, uid, ids, field_name, arg, context=None): '''Returns a dictionary with key=the ID of a record and value = the level of this record in the tree structure.''' res = {} for report in self.browse(cr, uid, ids, context=context): level = 0 if report.parent_id: level = report.parent_id.level + 1 res[report.id] = level return res def _get_children_by_order(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None): '''returns a dictionary with the key= the ID of a record and value = all its children, computed recursively, and sorted by sequence. Ready for the printing''' res = [] for id in ids: res.append(id) ids2 = self.search(cr, uid, [('parent_id', '=', id)], order='sequence ASC', context=context) res += self._get_children_by_order(cr, uid, ids2, context=context) return res def _get_balance(self, cr, uid, ids, field_names, args, context=None): '''returns a dictionary with key=the ID of a record and value=the balance amount computed for this record. If the record is of type : 'accounts' : it's the sum of the linked accounts 'account_type' : it's the sum of leaf accoutns with such an account_type 'account_report' : it's the amount of the related report 'sum' : it's the sum of the children of this record (aka a 'view' record)''' account_obj = self.pool.get('account.account') res = {} for report in self.browse(cr, uid, ids, context=context): if report.id in res: continue res[report.id] = dict((fn, 0.0) for fn in field_names) if report.type == 'accounts': # it's the sum of the linked accounts for a in report.account_ids: for field in field_names: res[report.id][field] += getattr(a, field) elif report.type == 'account_type': # it's the sum the leaf accounts with such an account type report_types = [x.id for x in report.account_type_ids] account_ids = account_obj.search(cr, uid, [('user_type','in', report_types), ('type','!=','view')], context=context) for a in account_obj.browse(cr, uid, account_ids, context=context): for field in field_names: res[report.id][field] += getattr(a, field) elif report.type == 'code': try: dic = {} list1 = re.findall('[a-zA-Z]+' , report.amount_python_compute) myobj = self.pool.get('merlin.account.financial.report') ids3 = myobj.search(cr, uid, [('code','in',list1)]) res2 = self._get_balance(cr, uid, ids3, field_names, False, context=context) for val in res2: dic[myobj.browse(cr,uid,val).code] = res2[val]['balance'] cal_bal = eval(report.amount_python_compute) res[report.id]['balance'] = cal_bal except: raise osv.except_osv(_('Error!'), _('Wrong python condition defined for financial Statement %s (%s).')% (report.name, report.code)) elif report.type == 'account_report' and report.account_report_id: # it's the amount of the linked report res2 = self._get_balance(cr, uid, [report.account_report_id.id], field_names, False, context=context) for key, value in res2.items(): for field in field_names: res[report.id][field] += value[field] elif report.type == 'sum': # it's the sum of the children of this account.report res2 = self._get_balance(cr, uid, [rec.id for rec in report.children_ids], field_names, False, context=context) for key, value in res2.items(): for field in field_names: res[report.id][field] += value[field] return res _columns = { 'name': fields.char('Report Name', size=128, required=True, translate=True), 'parent_id': fields.many2one('merlin.account.financial.report', 'Parent'), 'children_ids': fields.one2many('merlin.account.financial.report', 'parent_id', 'Account Report'), 'sequence': fields.integer('Sequence'), 'balance': fields.function(_get_balance, 'Balance', multi='balance'), 'debit': fields.function(_get_balance, 'Debit', multi='balance'), 'credit': fields.function(_get_balance, 'Credit', multi="balance"), 'cmp_balance' :fields.float('Compare Balance'), 'level': fields.function(_get_level, string='Level', store=True, type='integer'), 'type': fields.selection([ ('sum','View'), ('accounts','Accounts'), ('account_type','Account Type'), ('account_report','Report Value'), ('code','Python Code') ],'Type'), 'account_ids': fields.many2many('account.account', 'account_account_financial_report', 'report_line_id', 'account_id', 'Accounts'), 'account_report_id': fields.many2one('merlin.account.financial.report', 'Report Value'), 'account_type_ids': fields.many2many('account.account.type', 'account_account_financial_report_type', 'report_id', 'account_type_id', 'Account Types'), 'amount_python_compute':fields.text('Python Code'), 'code':fields.char('Code', size=64, required=True ,help="The code of financial statement can be used as reference in computation of other rules. In that case, it is case sensitive."), 'total':fields.boolean('Total'), 'sign': fields.selection([(-1, 'Reverse balance sign'), (1, 'Preserve balance sign')], 'Sign on Reports', required=True, help='For accounts that are typically more debited than credited and that you would like to print as negative amounts in your reports, you should reverse the sign of the balance; e.g.: Expense account. The same applies for accounts that are typically more credited than debited and that you would like to print as positive amounts in your reports; e.g.: Income account.'), } _defaults = { 'type': 'sum', 'sign': 1, } merlin_account_financial_report() # vim:expandtab:smartindent:tabstop=4:softtabstop=4:shiftwidth=4: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XML file =========== merlin.account.financial.report.form merlin.account.financial.report merlin.account.financial.report.tree merlin.account.financial.report merlin.account.financial.report.search merlin.account.financial.report Financial Reports ir.actions.act_window merlin.account.financial.report form tree,form merlin.account.financial.report.search merlin.account.financial.report merlin.account.report.hierarchy merlin.account.financial.report children_ids merlin.account.financial.report.graph merlin.account.financial.report graph Financial Reports Hierarchy merlin.account.financial.report tree tree,form,graph [('parent_id','=',False)] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What changes are required to get the graph display the BAR chart representaion of fields 'balance' and 'total' ?

Kuldeep Jadeja
on 9/15/14, 9:41 AM

WHOA , I am sorry for above code, I didn't know it just pastes the text like this if I copy from my module, It's the 1st time you know as I'm a Beginner cum Learner of OpenERP as well as this form(Odoo). Can you just explain how can i display the 'balance' and 'total' fields in the Graph?

Kuldeep Jadeja
on 9/15/14, 9:45 AM

sure, functional field can be added just like any other field... and also it will be shown in measures.... you can refer Invoice Analysis... in that functional fields are used....

on 9/15/14, 10:01 AM

Okay I am going to refer Invoice Analysis, but maybe I've looked it up and in it, function fields are defined with property(parameter) STORE=TRUE, which means it is being stored somewhere in the database. In my case, we don't store 'balance' field, that's why it makes it to display in graph a TOUGH NUT TO CRACK. ANy more suggestions...!

Kuldeep Jadeja
on 9/16/14, 1:43 AM

Hmmmm... No idea which report you had check... Do check "account.invoice.report".. "user_currency_price_total" is a functional field which is not saved to db...

on 9/16/14, 2:19 AM

above said field is not used in Graph in the said module, so not useful for me though.

Kuldeep Jadeja
on 9/18/14, 9:18 AM

thanks for sharing related knowledge with a view to help.

Kuldeep Jadeja
on 9/18/14, 9:19 AM

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