3 recurring events not appearing with Start_date_time or other filters

William Beverly

Hi all,

With version 11.0 Community, I've found recurring events searching (via custom filters) not working as one would think they should.

In the calendar module, whenever I add a recurring event, it appears in calendar without a problem with all recurrences. Let's say an event with 10 recurrences, ( 1 per day during 10 days), starting 10 april 2019 from 1pm to 2 pm.
After applying a filter, here Start_Date_Time searching for the instance on 10 april 1 pm, all instances appears from the search.

After applying a filter, here Start_Date_Time searching for the instance on 12 april 1 pm, all instances are gone and it cannot find anything.

Any idea what is wrong with it and how to fix it or search for it the right way?The filter labels are quite confusing in what they are searching on
# Start (doesn't work) doesnt show anything
# Date contains 04/10/2019 doesnt show anything
# End date doesnt show anything either...

Maybe because the way they are recorded in the database? Only the original item is put in the DB and the following recurring events are virtual? Any help on this? This is severely limiting the use of the calendar module to manage events, i do hope I can be shown that i'm using the system wrongly!
Many thanks,


William Beverly

After having spoken to a developper working on adapting Odoo for clients (but independent to Odoo SA), it seems there is a problem inherent to the way Odoo developped the search method on calendar.event

If you browse the code, there seems to be a lot of 'FIXME' comments, and many anomalies still lie in the method implemented for the recurring calendar.event (they are indeed virtual instances not stocked in the database). That is very problematic for a tool that claims to offer integration between different modules and offers a calendar view of meetings (and recurrent ones) as, per my original post, you risk missing events in your search functions.

Furthermore, the method get_recurrent_ids (which is tasked of returning virtual recurring events of a recurrent principal event) does NOT seem to be taking into account the domain...

I would be good to get a reply from someone at Odoo as this definitely poses a risk for the calendar module, and therefore the tool as a whole...

Is any work planned for this as a correction on V11? It does not even work on V12 either?

Why was this logic of virtual events chosen?

What are the next steps to solve this issue?

William Beverly

I find it disappoiting to get no answers on such a critical function. An official answer or at least from an Odoo developper on this issue should be a no-brainer. Especially on the FIXME comments and logic of virtual events.