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Blank Destination for Internal Transfer

Isaac Vargas
on 6/12/18, 1:02 PM 277 views

Hello everyone,

I have receive incoming goods with a two-step route; once step to ensure all the product has arrived and another to put the products in their respective locations within the warehouse. I can't seem to determine how to allow warehouse staff to put away the products to the appropriate locations using Odoo. When attempting to change the destination for the internal transfer to the appropriate location the destination seems to be overridden by the route rules. Ideally, I would want the warehouse workers to scan the item that is being transferred and then scan the location barcode to where the item is being transferred to. Is this feasible using Odoo 11? 

Thank you for you help,


Vitaly Eremeev
On 8/20/18, 9:27 AM

Hello Isaac,

I think, the solution you are looking for is described here - \https://ventor.tech/mobile/processing-putaway-using-a-barcode-scanner/

The idea is to put items directly during the reception to a related location using a barcode scanner. You scan the item, then scan the barcode of the destination location and move the item. In this case, you need to have barcodes of all locations.

Isaac Vargas
On 6/13/18, 12:37 PM

Thank you so much for your thorough answer! This work around will definitely be viable for us. Another workout around that a coworker came up with was to create routes with a push for each specific location we want to store the product in and apply that route at the product level. Can you see any issue with this method other than cluttering the routes selection? I believe your workout to be much less convoluted though, so it is likely we will use your method. 

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Kevin Peterson
on 6/14/18, 12:23 AM
Kevin Peterson
On 6/13/18, 1:25 AM

A work around would be to use the putaway strategy on the warehouse location to suggest automatic location to the vendors for a particular product category. This can be configured as follows.

Group the products you want to store at a particular location into product categories. In this example I grouped product pepsi under category foods.

You can see the configuration as

Now goto inventory->location. Select the location you want to apply the put away strategy(the second location of the 2 step move). Configure the put away strategy to move all products under the category foods to a new internal location called foodstore.(you can create a new internal location).