automatic opening balance for cash register


how I can set up a cash register for the opening balance is always the same as the one set for the first time, for example if I create a cash register with opening balance of 5900.00 after close this and open a new one is opening balance of 5,900 purpose of this work with the point of sale.

Thanks for your answers


You should default your cashboxes.


I think I have same question as this one, in V6.1, I can manage the figure of form "CashBox" to get auto computed Opening balance and Closing balance by system. But in V7.0, system will not provide auto computed figures to me. Any one knows why on it?

In V7.0 it's possible to have auto computed Opening and Closing balance. You need to do following: 1. Go to Accounting -> Configuration -> Journals -> Journals 2. Create a cash journal and there is a Tab 'Cash Registers' in that you find a field Opening With Last Closing Balance. Make it as True. This may solve your Problem.