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account_transfer module attribute error

on 4/29/14, 10:08 AM 1,721 views

Hi there, Hi really need your help on solving an Attribute error I am having on the module "account_transfer" from Cubic ERP. The problem is when I want to get the transfer "Done" I get an error with the following lines:

      File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenERP 7.0\Server\server\openerp\addons-pack\account_transfer\account_transfer.py", line 214, in action_done
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenERP 7.0\Server\server\openerp\addons\account_voucher\account_voucher.py", line 842, in proforma_voucher
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenERP 7.0\Server\server\openerp\addons\lst_account_lt\account_voucher\account_voucher.py", line 577, in action_move_line_create
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenERP 7.0\Server\server\openerp\addons\lst_account_lt\account_voucher\account_voucher.py", line 445, in voucher_move_line_create
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'

For what I see the error is related to 3 modules and 4 areas of code.

1- action_done (account_transfer)

def action_done(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None):
        voucher_obj = self.pool.get('account.voucher')
        move_obj = self.pool.get('account.move')
        for trans in self.browse(cr, uid, ids, context=context):
            paid_amount = []
#             import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
            for voucher in trans.voucher_ids:
                voucher.state=='draft' and voucher_obj.proforma_voucher(cr, uid, [voucher.id], context=context)
                sign = (voucher.journal_id.id == trans.src_journal_id.id) and 1 or -1
                paid_amount.append(sign * voucher_obj._paid_amount_in_company_currency(cr, uid, [voucher.id], '', '')[voucher.id])
                #paid_amount.append(sign * voucher.paid_amount_in_company_currency)
            sum_amount = sum(paid_amount)
            if len(paid_amount) > 1 and sum_amount != 0.0:
                periods = self.pool.get('account.period').find(cr, uid)
                move = {}
                move['journal_id'] = trans.dst_journal_id.id
                move['period_id'] = periods and periods[0] or False
                move['ref'] = trans.name + str(trans.origin and (' - ' + trans.origin) or '')
                move['date'] = trans.date
                move['line_id'] = [(0,0,{}),(0,0,{})]
                move['line_id'][0][2]['name'] = trans.name
                move['line_id'][1][2]['name'] = trans.name
                if sum_amount > 0:
                    move['line_id'][0][2]['account_id'] = trans.dst_journal_id.default_debit_account_id.id
                    move['line_id'][1][2]['account_id'] = trans.src_journal_id.account_transit.id #trans.company_id.income_currency_exchange_account_id.id
                    move['line_id'][0][2]['debit'] = sum_amount
                    move['line_id'][1][2]['credit'] = sum_amount
                    move['line_id'][0][2]['account_id'] = trans.dst_journal_id.default_credit_account_id.id
                    move['line_id'][1][2]['account_id'] = trans.src_journal_id.account_transit.id #trans.company_id.expense_currency_exchange_account_id.id
                    move['line_id'][1][2]['debit'] = -1 * sum_amount
                    move['line_id'][0][2]['credit'] = -1 * sum_amount
                move_id = move_obj.create(cr, uid, move, context=context)
                self.write(cr, uid, [trans.id], {'adjust_move':move_id}, context=context)
        return self.write(cr, uid, ids, {'state':'done'},context=context)

2 - proforma_voucher

def proforma_voucher(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None):
    self.action_move_line_create(cr, uid, ids, context=context)
    return True

3- voucher_move_line_create (line 445)

  def voucher_move_line_create(self, cr, uid, voucher_id, line_total, invoice, move_id, company_currency, current_currency, context=None):
        Create one account move line, on the given account move, per voucher line where amount is not 0.0.
        It returns Tuple with tot_line what is total of difference between debit and credit and
        a list of lists with ids to be reconciled with this format (total_deb_cred,list_of_lists).

        :param voucher_id: Voucher id what we are working with
        :param line_total: Amount of the first line, which correspond to the amount we should totally split among all voucher lines.
        :param move_id: Account move wher those lines will be joined.
        :param company_currency: id of currency of the company to which the voucher belong
        :param current_currency: id of currency of the voucher
        :return: Tuple build as (remaining amount not allocated on voucher lines, list of account_move_line created in this method)
        :rtype: tuple(float, list of int)

        if context is None:
            context = {}
        move_line_obj = self.pool.get('account.move.line')
        currency_obj = self.pool.get('res.currency')
        tax_obj = self.pool.get('account.tax')

        tot_line = line_total
        rec_lst_ids = []
        lst_adv_ids = []

        voucher_brw = self.pool.get('account.voucher').browse(cr, uid, voucher_id, context)
        ctx = context.copy()
        ctx.update({'date': voucher_brw.date})
        prec = self.pool.get('decimal.precision').precision_get(cr, uid, 'Account')
        for line in voucher_brw.line_ids:
            #create one move line per voucher line where amount is not 0.0
            # AND (second part of the clause) only if the original move line was not having debit = credit = 0 (which is a legal value)
            if not line.amount and not (line.move_line_id and not float_compare(line.move_line_id.debit, line.move_line_id.credit, precision_rounding=prec) and not float_compare(line.move_line_id.debit, 0.0, precision_rounding=prec)):
            # convert the amount set on the voucher line into the currency of the voucher's company
            amount = self._convert_amount(cr, uid, line.untax_amount or line.amount, voucher_brw.id, context=ctx)
            # if the amount encoded in voucher is equal to the amount unreconciled, we need to compute the
            if line.contract_tax_value > 0.0:
                invoice_minus_tax = line.amount_original - line.contract_tax_value
                percentage_being_paid = line.amount / invoice_minus_tax
                amount += self._convert_amount(cr, uid, line.contract_tax_value * percentage_being_paid, voucher_brw.id, context=ctx)
            if line.amount == line.amount_unreconciled:
                if not line.move_line_id:
                    raise osv.except_osv(_('Wrong voucher line'), _("The invoice you are willing to pay is not valid anymore."))
            # currency rate difference
                sign = voucher_brw.type in ('payment', 'purchase') and -1 or 1
                currency_rate_difference = sign * (line.move_line_id.amount_residual - amount)
                currency_rate_difference = 0.0
            move_line = {
                'journal_id': voucher_brw.journal_id.id,
                'period_id': voucher_brw.period_id.id,
                'name': line.name or '/',
                'account_id': line.account_id.id,
                'move_id': move_id,
                'partner_id': voucher_brw.partner_id.id,
                'currency_id': line.move_line_id and (company_currency <> line.move_line_id.currency_id.id and line.move_line_id.currency_id.id) or False,
                'analytic_account_id': line.account_analytic_id and line.account_analytic_id.id or False,
                'quantity': 1,
                'credit': 0.0,
                'debit': 0.0,
                'date': voucher_brw.date,
ERROR LINE 445 ---    'advance_id': line.move_line_id.advance_id.id,
            if amount < 0:
                amount = -amount
                if line.type == 'dr':
                    line.type = 'cr'
                    line.type = 'dr'

            if (line.type=='dr'):
                tot_line += amount
                move_line['debit'] = amount
                tot_line -= amount
                move_line['credit'] = amount

            if voucher_brw.tax_id and voucher_brw.type in ('sale', 'purchase'):
                    'account_tax_id': voucher_brw.tax_id.id,

            if move_line.get('account_tax_id', False):
                tax_data = tax_obj.browse(cr, uid, [move_line['account_tax_id']], context=context)[0]
                if not (tax_data.base_code_id and tax_data.tax_code_id):
                    raise osv.except_osv(_('No Account Base Code and Account Tax Code!'),_("You have to configure account base code and account tax code on the '%s' tax!") % (tax_data.name))

            # compute the amount in foreign currency
            foreign_currency_diff = 0.0
            amount_currency = False
            if line.move_line_id:
                voucher_currency = voucher_brw.currency_id and voucher_brw.currency_id.id or voucher_brw.journal_id.company_id.currency_id.id
                # We want to set it on the account move line as soon as the original line had a foreign currency
                if line.move_line_id.currency_id and line.move_line_id.currency_id.id != company_currency:
                    # we compute the amount in that foreign currency.
                    if line.move_line_id.currency_id.id == current_currency:
                        # if the voucher and the voucher line share the same currency, there is no computation to do
                        sign = (move_line['debit'] - move_line['credit']) < 0 and -1 or 1
                        amount_currency = sign * (line.amount)
                    elif line.move_line_id.currency_id.id == voucher_brw.payment_rate_currency_id.id:
                        # if the rate is specified on the voucher, we must use it
                        voucher_rate = currency_obj.browse(cr, uid, voucher_currency, context=ctx).rate
                        amount_currency = (move_line['debit'] - move_line['credit']) * voucher_brw.payment_rate * voucher_rate
                        # otherwise we use the rates of the system (giving the voucher date in the context)
                        amount_currency = currency_obj.compute(cr, uid, company_currency, line.move_line_id.currency_id.id, move_line['debit']-move_line['credit'], context=ctx)
                if line.amount == line.amount_unreconciled and line.move_line_id.currency_id.id == voucher_currency:
                    sign = voucher_brw.type in ('payment', 'purchase') and -1 or 1
                    foreign_currency_diff = sign * line.move_line_id.amount_residual_currency + amount_currency

            move_line['amount_currency'] = amount_currency
            voucher_line = move_line_obj.create(cr, uid, move_line)
            rec_ids = [voucher_line, line.move_line_id.id]

            if not currency_obj.is_zero(cr, uid, voucher_brw.company_id.currency_id, currency_rate_difference):
                # Change difference entry in company currency
                exch_lines = self._get_exchange_lines(cr, uid, line, move_id, currency_rate_difference, company_currency, current_currency, context=context)
                new_id = move_line_obj.create(cr, uid, exch_lines[0],context)
                move_line_obj.create(cr, uid, exch_lines[1], context)

            if line.move_line_id and line.move_line_id.currency_id and not currency_obj.is_zero(cr, uid, line.move_line_id.currency_id, foreign_currency_diff):
                # Change difference entry in voucher currency
                move_line_foreign_currency = {
                    'journal_id': line.voucher_id.journal_id.id,
                    'period_id': line.voucher_id.period_id.id,
                    'name': _('change')+': '+(line.name or '/'),
                    'account_id': line.account_id.id,
                    'move_id': move_id,
                    'partner_id': line.voucher_id.partner_id.id,
                    'currency_id': line.move_line_id.currency_id.id,
                    'amount_currency': -1 * foreign_currency_diff,
                    'quantity': 1,
                    'credit': 0.0,
                    'debit': 0.0,
                    'date': line.voucher_id.date,
                new_id = move_line_obj.create(cr, uid, move_line_foreign_currency, context=context)

            if line.move_line_id.id:
                if line.move_line_id.advance_id:
        return (tot_line, rec_lst_ids, lst_adv_ids)

4.- action_move_line_create (577)

    def action_move_line_create(self, cr, uid, ids, context={}):
        Confirm the vouchers given in ids and create the journal entries for each of them
        if context is None:
            context = {}

        move_pool = self.pool.get('account.move')
        move_line_pool = self.pool.get('account.move.line')
        adv_obj = self.pool.get('account.advance')

        for voucher in self.browse(cr, uid, ids, context=context):
            if voucher.move_id:
            for vline in voucher.line_ids:
                if vline.contract_tax_value > 0:
                    if vline.amount == vline.amount_unreconciled:
                        raise osv.except_osv(_('Error!'),_("Total Alocated value must no be equal to the remaining value when a contract tax exists!"))
            company_currency = self._get_company_currency(cr, uid, voucher.id, context)
            current_currency = self._get_current_currency(cr, uid, voucher.id, context)
            # we select the context to use accordingly if it's a multicurrency case or not
            context = self._sel_context(cr, uid, voucher.id, context)
            # But for the operations made by _convert_amount, we always need to give the date in the context
            ctx = context.copy()
            ctx.update({'date': voucher.date})
            # Create the account move record.
            if voucher.type not in ('out_money_sale', 'in_money_sale'):
                move_id = move_pool.create(cr, uid, self.account_move_get(cr, uid, voucher.id, context=context), context=context)
                move_id = voucher.money_sale_account_move_id.id
            # Get the name of the account_move just created
            name = move_pool.browse(cr, uid, move_id, context=context).name
            # Create the first line of the voucher
            move_line_id = move_line_pool.create(cr, uid, self.first_move_line_get(cr, uid, voucher.id, move_id, company_currency, current_currency, context), context)
            move_line_brw = move_line_pool.browse(cr, uid, move_line_id, context=context)
            line_total = move_line_brw.debit - move_line_brw.credit
            rec_list_ids = []
#            if voucher.line_cr_ids and voucher.line_dr_ids and
            ml_contract = self.contract_move_line_get(cr, uid, voucher.id,line_total , move_id, name, company_currency, current_currency, context)
            if ml_contract:
                for m in ml_contract:
                    move_line_pool.create(cr, uid, m, context)
            if voucher.type in ('sale', 'out_money_sale', 'debit_note'):
                line_total = line_total - self._convert_amount(cr, uid, voucher.tax_amount, voucher.id, context=ctx)
            elif voucher.type in ('purchase', 'in_money_sale', 'in_debit_note'):
                line_total = line_total + self._convert_amount(cr, uid, voucher.tax_amount, voucher.id, context=ctx)
            # Create one move line per voucher line where amount is not 0.0
ERROR LINE 577 -----      line_total, rec_list_ids, lst_adv_ids = self.voucher_move_line_create(cr, uid, voucher.id, line_total,None, move_id, company_currency, current_currency, context)

            # Create the writeoff line if needed
            if not ml_contract:
                ml_writeoff = self.writeoff_move_line_get(cr, uid, voucher.id, line_total, move_id, name, company_currency, current_currency, context)
                if ml_writeoff:
#                    rec_list_ids.append(ml_writeoff)
                    move_line_pool.create(cr, uid, ml_writeoff, context)

            invoice = self._get_voucher_invoice(cr, uid, voucher, context)
            if invoice and invoice.type in ( 'out_invoice','out_money_sale'):#,'out_refund'): 
                if voucher.amount:
                    self._process_seal_tax(cr, uid, voucher.id, voucher.amount, move_id,invoice, context)
            # We post the voucher.
            self.write(cr, uid, [voucher.id], {
                'move_id': move_id,
                'state': 'posted',
                'number': name,
            if voucher.journal_id.entry_posted:
                move_pool.post(cr, uid, [move_id], context={})
            # We automatically reconcile the account move lines.
            reconcile = False
            for rec_ids in rec_list_ids:
                if len(rec_ids) >= 2:
                    reconcile = move_line_pool.reconcile_partial(cr, uid, rec_ids, writeoff_acc_id=voucher.writeoff_acc_id.id, writeoff_period_id=voucher.period_id.id, writeoff_journal_id=voucher.journal_id.id)

            #Regularize Advances
            if reconcile:
                for adv in adv_obj.browse(cr, uid, lst_adv_ids):
                    if adv.residual_amount == 0.0:
                        adv_obj.write(cr, uid, adv.id, {'state': 'regularized'})
        return True

Can you please help me solve this problem please?

Thank you very much

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