Access rights doubt in openerp?


I have created two sub companies under main company. Two users each in two company. I gave manager privilege to user1 in company1. When i created sales order from company1 using user1, it shows below error

Access Denied

The requested operation cannot be completed due to security restrictions. Please contact your system administrator.

(Document type: Warehouse, Operation: read)

I know how to give access privilege to the users.

But my doubt is Sales manager&Warehouse manager has all access privilege. Then why should this message shows?

But user1 is belongs to employee group. This group only has read permission. Will this affect?

Also my another doubt::: for example if a user belongs to more than one group, in one group he has all permission to access res.partner object but another groups user only has read permission. How will it affect to the user? Did he has all the access to res.partner or not?

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For example : Location : stock.location in this model i gave all privilege to sales/manager & warehouse manager. He is in the sub company under parent company. I set different shop,warehouse location to the sub company. When i create sale order & select product it shows below error

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How to solve this? The user i login is both present in sales/manager & warehouse manager. I give all permission access to the location. Did i want to add anything extra for getting the access?

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Grover Menacho
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You've to assign the parent company to your user. This rule says that:

Name: Location multi-company
Object: Location
Rule: ['|',('company_id','=',False),('company_id','child_of',[])]

So, you've to give the main company to the user, or, you've to remove or change the rule:

Settings>Technical>Security>Record Rules
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Sean Samborski

Multi-company is so buggy in OpenERP. The only way I have ever gotten this to work is remove the rule. On each and every instance I install OpenERP it will not work unless I remove this rule. Even giving the parent company (which is not ideal) to the user does not allow this to work.

Med Said BARA
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Under Users Configuration, verify the following access rights for the user1:

Multi Company (Usability)

Manage Multiple Locations and Warehouses (Technical Settings)

And the Allowed Companies