Accept meeting invite


I have an outgoing and incoming gmail server setup with pop. I only have one incoming server setup with no automated action.

When I send a meeting invitation to someone, that person receives an invite thru mail. When accepting that invitation, nothing happens in OpenERP. In the OpenERP calendar the meeting says that action is needed for all the invitees. Even the ones that have accepted by replying the mail. All I can do is manually accept in OpenERP. What do I need to setup to make this work automatically?


It does appear in the Outlook calendar of the person accepting it. But nothing happens in OpenERP. This is something that a lot of customers are asking about... This needs to work.

I see 2 issues here:

1) The from email is the organizers/users email address. I must be the organizers/users alias email address. Otherwise, the response message will never reach the OpenERP server.

And the Message-Id must link it to the calendar.attendee object

2) There is no functionality to catch this response and update the corresponding calendar.attendee object - Need a message_update method to parse the VEVENT REPLY