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Bole Croatia


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Zagreb | Karlovac, Croatia

there is only 10 kind of people the ones that understand binary ... and others

Bole Croatia
1/14/15, 2:47 AM

I guess there will be no problem with new versions of poestgres database , because odoo  does not use advaces psql functions that comes with new versions.. It works on 9.2 and 9.3 flowless, and upgrading to 9.4 or any future version will change nothing... 

No need to worry about new versions of db.. just use it...

will work fine

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
1/14/15, 2:50 AM

In theory you're right and everything should work like a charm.. but there are a lot of tables and fields in Odoo which increases the risk of something going wrong though. I wouldn't want to hop over to a new version of your database without testing. Imagine the consequences of missing one little thing that ruins everything!

Bole Croatia
1/14/15, 3:17 AM

Well, one thing is compatability with odoo and creating new databases, complete different thing is migrating existing database to new version od postgres... Done both , worked like a charm.. For new features in 9.4 you can check here : https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/What's_new_in_PostgreSQL_9.4 basicly, it only extends pgsql functions... so whenever you look at postgres official documentation make sure you are looking at correct version that is all ... no worries about compatability issues with future versions of database

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
1/14/15, 4:10 AM

Hmm interesting.. have you noticed any performance improvements or faster loading of Odoo when you want to 9.4?

Bole Croatia
1/14/15, 4:20 AM

until now i have only migrated dbs from 9.2 to 9.3 , and i did it only when i needed gis layers wich if far better (not to mention only working from 9.3 upwards) with such data.. Havent done any serios performance testing yet, and hopefully won't :) in order to test it i should have relativly large db set on old and new version ( migrate to new from old) and only then the tests would be relevant... on the other hand odoo does not make any realy large sql querries, or manage some huge datasets at once.. it works with a lot of small querries so i do not thing that it would show big difference in performance betewwn versions... offcourse, you can allways twek db performance, regardless of version..


Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium

--Yenthe Van Ginneken--
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Turnhout, Belgium
--Yenthe Van Ginneken--

Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
1/16/15, 4:58 AM

Since I've been testing with postgreSQL 9.3 and 9.4 a lot the last days I decided it is time for me to write out a comment.

The question about if 9.4 will be officialy added to Odoo 8 (or maybe 9) as compatible I'm not sure. At this point nobody can say this because this is something Odoo will need to decide and they should release the choice to the public.
I'd think they would first need to do intensive testing for this and also look at speeds. Then there is a second option: will they choose to say that it is supported or will they choose to say this is the preffered version. This will all come down to performance probably.

And because performance is they key I've been testing a bit around with Odoo. I'vet setup two identical machines with identical databases. The only difference is that one version runs postgreSQL V9.3 and one runs postgreSQL V9.4.
To test this I've simply installed half a dozen of modules, added some data in it and simply tested both versions with timers.
The result was a bit dissapointing though. Turned out V9.3 was a tiny bit faster than V9.4.. As you can see in this graph:

The times are in seconds and as you can see every time there was just a silght difference, four out of five times in favour of V9.3.
Despite that V9.3 and V9.4 barely having a difference I do seem to notice better performance when you click on menu items etc.
It seems that V9.4 is slightly faster with loading data when the user clicks through items and does menu-actions. But I'm not sure how I could prove that in statistics as it takes milliseconds really.

In terms of compatibility it seems that postgreSQL V9.4 is fully compatible with Odoo V8. I've tested a few databases, options, reloads, ... and nothing seemed wrong. So I assume we will need to wait for an official statement from Odoo about this but I see no reason why they wouldn't be officially compatible.

Update: Because I saw that Luke added a comment about the tuning on your postgreSQL (as seen in this topic: https://www.odoo.com/forum/help-1/question/how-to-tune-postgresql-for-openerp-v7-production-environment-25326) I decided to give this a try too. After implementing these modifications I experienced a slight speed increase. Every Odoo restart with a full update of all modules would win me between 3 to 6 seconds. While this is a not a gigantic difference it could perhaps help other people that are in a huge environment.

Bole Croatia
1/16/15, 5:17 AM

good job Yenthe : ) so point prooven.. no big difference.. miliseconds are not human noticable... it can make small diff on realy large sclae db but... most ppl wont have the chance to notice any difference regarding speed

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
1/16/15, 5:29 AM

Thanks Bole! Sadly the differences seem to be about miliseconds indeed. Atleast in the fact of updating modules and with one user etc. The only option there could be left is that 9.4 would perform better when a lot of users or db's are used at once. But testing this and setting up an environment goes a bit too far for me honestly. Its not worth the possible minor differences to me. It could indeed make a little difference on a large scale db but for the average Odoo user / developer I do not see any plus side for going to V9.4..

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