Odoo Service is not coming up with postgresql read replica (slave)

Vilas Bhumare

I have odoo setup on AWS fargate containerized and filestore stored in AWS EFS and RDS Aurora PostgreSQL with multi AZ setup and everything is working fine with cluster endpoint of AWS postgresql. there are two endpoints when we use Multi-AZ setup one is Writer which is master and another is Reader. 

For example: 
Writer endpoint: write 
Reader endpoint: 

My running odoo containers pointing to writer endpoint and let say the website is but I want to create another website like and this odoo container should point to my reader endpoint which is a read replica of my master postgresql.

Getting below exception and containers are not coming up. 

ERROR: cannot execute INSERT in a read-only transaction

does anyone have any idea why this exception coming or how to start odoo service with read replica of the database? Odoo Version :13

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