Odoo 13 features and Odoo 14 Expected features

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 What are the expected features of Odoo 13? What are the newly added features in it ?

[UPDT] Odoo 14 Expected Features:

Odoo Mates

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Odoo Mates
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Odoo Mates
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The Odoo13 is expected to release by this October, there are lot of changes in odoo13, so we can have look at it one by one.

1. Website form builder is moved to Community:

2. Sales Coupon and Promotion module is moved to Community:

3. List View Improvements like mass editing in the list view, group by enhancement like, new button in group by etc, see->

---> 3.1 grouped list views are now editable -

---> 3.2 'expand' attribute can be used to open by default the first level groups

---> 3.3  if there are a lot of groups, a pager is displayed (instead of having all groups in the same page)

---> 3.4 when grouped on a many2one field, custom buttons (on the many2one comodel) can be inserted in each group's header

---> 3.5 we can edit several records in a row in editable list views

---> 3.6  editable lists do not flicker anymore when switching a row to edit mode

---> 3.7 we can navigate through the cells in list views with the arrows (in readonly)


4. New Module named HR Skills is added for Managing Employee Skills :

5. Leave is Renamed to Timeoff in Odoo13 :

6. Easily Open the Groups, Access Control List and Record Rules by clicking newly added smart buttons in Users form: Open Record Rules and Access Rights Easily in Odoo13

7. New Search Panel is Introduced in the Kanban View, easily filter the records using the new search Panel, see the working here : New Search Panel in Odoo13 Kanban View

8. Login to POS UI as Employee instead of as User: Point of Sale Login With Employee Odoo13

9. HR Payroll is moved to Enterprise Edition: HR Payroll is Removed from Odoo13 community Edition

10. Easy to switch, add/remove company access.

11. It seems as in Odoo 13 will replace wkhtml2pdf by chromeheadless:

12. More flexibility with your components' consumption. Define on your BoM if you can consume more or less components than planned (works for Manufacturing Orders and Work Orders)

13. Chartjs will be available in Odoo V13. This will opens up a wide range of options for building statistics and more advanced portals out of the box. See PR:

14.  Subcontracting

15. Rename 'Delivery Method' by 'Shipping Method'

16. Updates in Sales,

   --> fully inline
   --> cleaner column labels
    --> smart product configurator (just click on "Add a product")

    --> the user can choose which field to use
    --> advanced fields are optional (lead time, cost, route, analytic tag)

17. Odoo13 is running on jQuery 3.x

18. Showcase Product Videos on eCommerce:

19. Instead of synchronous load, Odoo13 will have lazy loading for java-script files. Previously website pages appeared to the user when all the "css" and "js" were downloaded, parsed and executed but the "JS" is now lazy loaded. See:-

20. After sales services. Manage refunds, returns, coupons, and repairs directly from your helpdesk tickets. Integrate your support teams with sales, accounting, project, and warehouse departments.

21. Generate and print return labels for all carriers. As well as additional improvements regarding delivery orders on the portal.

22. Access group terminology is misleading so all the "Manager" security groups' name have been renamed to "Administrator" in master branch to remove the confusion. See->

23. Display a timer on your work orders

24. New App Field Service Management