Intercompany timesheets

Barry Achterberg


recently we've started setting up OpenERP for our three companies. We have a multi-company envorinment with three companies. Sometimes it happens that we have intercompany projects, company 1 has a project linked to a customer but company 2 also has this project but the customer does not know this. So company 2 must send his timehseets to company 1 so company 1 can invoice the timesheets to the customer. I have searched for a module for intercompany project but I did not find anything. I think maybe this problem can just be taken care of within the system without an extra module, please help me?

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Bart van der Meer

I assume my issue is related to this where you have different teams from different companies working on the same project or issues, though multicompany doesn't allow to work or assign these projects/tasks unless both users are in the same company.