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Hey everyone,

I am trying to export task and subtasks of a project.

However, I didn't find a way to make the subtasks show up in the tree view of the project for selection.

I am aware that I could set the project_id for each subtask so that every subtask shows up on the project level. I was wondering if there is a better solution. The reason is that if the subtask has a project_id and a parent task, project duplication breaks as the subtask gets duplicated twice.

Is there a way to export both "tasks and subtasks" of a project simultanously without adding the project_id to every subtask or exporting all sets of subtasks separately?

Thx in advance

Best Answer


Using Export action, you can select task and sub-task fields and save a template to be used in the future.

The export Xlsx will look like this:


Woaaah! Great. Okay. I was used to Odoo 11 where everything showed up on the top level.
Thank you!