Does Odoo support the prepation, creation and filing of 1099's ?

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I am required to file a Form 1099-NEC or Form 1099-MISC for anyone that I have paid $600 or more in the previous year.

How can I manage the requirement to report to the IRS the amounts I have paid to Suppliers / Vendors?

Norma Garza

Thank you 

Ray Carnes (ray)
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Odoo is working on providing a CSV export file (using a Wizard) that would be used to e-file 1099's.  This should be available in version 15. 

Currently, there is no automated 1099 form creation or submission available.

You can easily manage 1099 suppliers, their 1099 type, their 1099-MISC box classification and generate a report that allows you to manually complete and manually submit the actual 1099 form.

1) On the Vendor Record (when you create a Vendor) add custom fields for:
 (a) "Is this Vendor a 1099?" [Yes/No]
 (c) "1099-MISC Box" [1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/13/14/15a/15b/16a/16b/17/18a/18b]

This allows you to keep track of the IRS Business entity classification information provided by your Vendor, including the information they provide via the W-9 (SSN, EIN).  

2) Since Odoo has a consumable, inventory product and service selection when creating products (line items) this is usually enough to allow Users to filter Vendor Bill Lines at the end of the year to remove goods/merchandise and report only on services that were billed. Where Bills are created without Purchase Orders, either the correct service product or the correct service GL account needs to be set per line item to achieve the same thing.

3) Odoo does allow a Contact to be both a Vendor and a Customer, but services purchased are coded separately from services sold.

4) Odoo does not create the 1099 form. The Vendor Bill Lines report is filtered for the dates required, filtered for services only, filtered for only the 1099 Vendors, then summarized by Vendor, so you get a total amount per Vendor paid in services.  When you export this information, you also export the Vendor Classification information from the custom fields. You then use this information to manually create a 1099 form with the total paid. 

This Vendor Bill Lines report is easy to setup with Odoo Studio based on your specific requirements.

Odoo and Odoo Partners can help (some Odoo Partners also have pre-built modules that support 1099 reporting).