Apply partner taxes even if there is no product tax set ?

Mark De

Question: Is there a way to apply partner taxes without attaching taxes to products first? Or rephrased: How to replace any including none product taxes by partner taxes?

OpenERP 7

My question is somewhat similar to this one:


However, I have not found a way without workarounds. The firm wants to set taxes only via mandatory definition at the partner account and does not want to have any taxes attached to a product.

If I read the code correctly, then the mapping of product tax to partner tax does not even start, if there is no tax in the product tax list. The firm would have to set a (dummy) tax on all products in order to replace it later by partner tax.

A salesperson at the firm is supposed to define or choose a fiscal position that matches the partner. The partner tax list should be complete, ie explicitly include all taxes applicable to the partner, thus excluding all other taxes. Current fiscal positions seem to implicitly include product taxes unless they are deleted by the fiscal position. This requires the salesperson to first check what tax is attached to the product and then check whether the fiscal position takes care of it.

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This is a very basic feature that anyone in Canada and United states must have. I hope someone answers this soon I am very interested in this.