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Re: Some questions about payroll programming

- 05/24/19 07:36:13
Yes, you can see the actual error arising behind the scene.

Go to hr_payroll module and search for "compute_rule" method in "hr.salary.rule" object. Now, comment the try / except lines from the method and try agian. 
This time you will be able to see the actual error.

On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 1:59 PM João Jerónimo <> wrote:

I'm creating payroll rules for a client of mine.

Very often I need to write python code to compute the result of a salary 
rule. When I make a mistake it says: "Wrong python condition defined for 
salary rule" when I try to generate the payslip.

Is there a way to make ODOO show the actual python error message?

Thank you.

João Jerónimo

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