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Re: RFQ: Advise on a Business Scenario for Odoo 10 CE Multi-Company/Operations - Multi-Website

Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 04/29/17 04:20:27
The OCA/operating-unit allows 1 database, 1 legal entity, multiple operations

On Apr 29, 2017 10:16 AM, "Ermin Trevisan" <> wrote:
Dear experts

I need somebody who can give me advise and step-by-step directions for
the setup of the following scenario (I can create simple modules myself,
but I'm not a developer):

Business Scenario:
A management company (I call it "group") runs several shops or
restaurants (I call them "operations", they are not legal entities) at
different locations with different brands, products and stocks, each
having an own domain and website/webshop, each having as well one or
more POSes (for example for different floors in each restaurant) and its
own CRM. The management company (group) is the legal entity. The
management company should have access to the CRM infos of the operations
in order to create marketing campaigns for the whole group. This is a
scenario for small local businesses, not for international groups.

Deployment Scenario:
I do have a multi-database setup using dbfilter for preconfigured and
standardized customizations for small local businesses. At the moment
I'm running on Odoo 10 CE. Not only, but mainly because of the vendor
risk arguments and the variety of industries we cover, we strongly
prefer to stay with the Community Edition. If reasonably possible, I
would like to realize the scenario in this setup.

Base structure:
What could be the base way to go (or the recommended way):
A: One of multiple Databases - 1 Company - multiple Organizational Units
(OCA modules)
B: One of multiple Databases - 1 Mother Company - multiple daughter
companies - consolidation
C: 1 Server - 1 Database - 1 Company - multiple Organizational Units
D: 1 Server - 1 Database - 1 Mother Company - multiple daughter
companies - consolidation

Solution Approaches:
1: "quick and dirty": get going fast and at lower price for the
customer, manual setup efforts necessary
2: elegant and mostly automatic approach

Who can give me recommendations and ballpark figures for a corresponding

Thank you very much for your attention, trevi

twanda AG
Ermin Trevisan
Artherstrasse 19
CH-6318 Walchwil 
T    +41 41 758 1515
M    +41 79 208 7373

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