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Re: Announncing FlectraHQ - Odoo Fork

- 04/02/17 19:07:55
2017-04-02 16:30 GMT+02:00 Ana Juaristi <>:
> I can't not imagine the reasons about being happy about having a new Odoo Fork.

When something new happens, optimistics are happy and pessmistics are
sad. It is too early to understand if it is good or bad for someone.

> Why to waste time working in paralell when same effort could be done to improve Odoo Community version on Github

>From Flectra point of view, it will be a waste of time and money if
they fail or a brilliant idea if they succeed.
>From your standpoint, I don't think that Flectra improvements can be
achieved without a fork, so it is not the same effort duplicated.

> or collaborating with the OCA.

I will be very interested in the position OCA will adopt. OCA may
welcome Flectra as they welcomed ERPnext leader in January,
Flectra seems to position itself as a commercial competitor for
Odoo-SA, and, after first release of the new core, Flectra will
probably make efforts to build a community, with OCA support or

> It's totally incongruent and I can't understand this focus. Anyone could explain to me clearly the reasons to be happy and not upset about this?

I don't see any reason to be upset as it shouldn't impact any of your
short/medium/long term plans with Odoo.
Community fragmentation was more expected since licence change. I
guess it did not happen yet because those who would like to fork
didn't feel strong enough to compete against Odoo-SA. Flectra seems to
be self-confident enough. Worst case, you can ignore them ; best case
you can work with them.

> Thank you:
> Ana